Issue Number 26 (Page 3)


Much favoured by herbalists to cure a whole host of ailments, from the trivial to the downright life threatening, Common Knotweed or Knotgrass can be a...

in Best of the Rest - on 8/9/09


In Clover!

Concern over the viability of intensively used community turf sports pitches is fuelling a drive to switch to alternative surfaces in a bid to ensure play...

in Football - on 7/9/09


Bowls groundsman, Vic Purse, has taken the unusual step of using a triple mower to cut the fourteen bowling greens he looks after. What were the logistics...

in Bowls - on 6/9/09


An holistic approach

Trials underway on the golf course at Ashdown Park Hotel and Country Club in East Sussex are giving very encouraging results on the benefits of a new product...

in Golf - on 5/9/09