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Duncan Kelso, Course Manager at Kings Hill Golf Club, explains the conservation policy in place at his club and says that there is still a long way to...

in Golf - on 21/1/10


Kings Hill on trial!

It’s not often in one’s greenkeeping career that opportunities come along to be at the forefront of new technical innovations within our industry....

in Golf - on 4/1/10


Perfectly True!

The STRI’s ‘Dynamic Duo’, Richard Windows and Henry Bechelet, are back again, and this time it’s all on the level!

in Golf - on 31/12/09


Bowl'dly Going ..

In twenty years with Hampshire CCC, Nigel Gray has seen the club develop facilities that are set to place it in the premier league of international cricket....

in Cricket - on 29/12/09


Yorkshire's hidden gem ..

Matt Houseman, Head Greenkeeper at Scarcroft Golf Club, talks to Laurence Gale MSc about the changes taking place at Yorkshire’s ‘hidden gem’

in Golf - on 27/12/09


Anti Social Behaviour

Probably the most annoying insect on the planet, wasps have the ability to ruin any outside event just by their sheer persistence. Considered to be ‘social’...

in Best of the Rest - on 24/12/09


Jimmy Lea, Groundsman at Bollington Cricket Club, won this year’s Pitchcare/Cricket World Groundsman of the Year award in the Local Authority category....

in Cricket - on 23/12/09


Residual weed control in amenity areas

in Consultancy - on 22/12/09


Wuthering Heights

Over the past eight years, Greg Evans (Course Manager at Ealing Golf Club and Chief Agronomist for the advisory company, Complete Golf Solutions) has devised...

in Golf - on 21/12/09


Training the Mind

Along the way, if you are lucky, there will be people who want to train you or help you learn, because that’s what they are good at. All you have to...

in Consultancy - on 19/12/09


A touch of Glass!

Nestled in the medieval village of Midhurst, and bordering Cowdray Park polo club, is one of the gems of Britain’s local cricket tradition. Tom James...

in Cricket - on 18/12/09


Setting Standards

The present recession and its impact on disposable income will, undoubtedly, be yet another factor contributing to the financial pressures faced by many...

in Golf - on 16/12/09

clegg 001.jpg

Hammer Time!

The Clegg Impact Soil Tester (commonly referred to as a clegg hammer) is a sophisticated, but simple to use, means for measuring and controlling soil strength...

in Industry News - on 15/12/09


The golf industry has to deal with the economic recession just like any other business and, in order to come out the right side of this unfortunate slump,...

in Golf - on 15/12/09


During a recent trip to Germany, Pitchcare’s Dave Saltman and Laurence Gale had the opportunity to look around the new stadium of Bayer Leverkusen with...

in Football - on 14/12/09


Spending Cuts

Due to the current recession spending, especially of public money, is being increasingly scrutinised with strict justification requirements being put in...

in Football - on 10/12/09


Frosty The Groundsman

"It’s complicated - more difficult than people think. It’s not just sitting on a mower and making the ground look good. ” Tony Frost retires from...

in Cricket - on 8/12/09

Twenty Questions with Andy Clarke

in People - on 7/12/09

Sprinkler heads F.jpg

Irrigation Auditing

Keith McAuliffe looks at the importance of understanding the efficiency of your irrigation system, regardless of what type of facility you manage

in Consultancy - on 6/12/09


Leeds Castle

Tom James meets Estates Grounds Manager, James McConkie, who works and lives at one of Britain’s most beautiful historic settings, the imposing Leeds...

in Best of the Rest - on 5/12/09