Issue Number 27 (Page 2)

Twenty Questions with Sam Breeden

Sam Breeden, Sweepfast - he don’t need another hero, but would like life to be a ‘beach’!

in People - on 5/12/09


It's a Shaw thing!

Roger Shaw is a man on a mission, his goal is simply to develop and deliver a high quality golfing facility. However, when will it be considered finished?...

in Golf - on 3/12/09


New Testerment

Adam Tester is the ambitious new Head Groundsman at the University of Leicester. At the tender age of 25, his CV already features some of the county's...

in Industry News - on 2/12/09


Handling conflict

In these difficult times of increased workloads and higher anxiety levels, conflict in the workplace can so easily arise. Consultant and Conference Speaker,...

in Consultancy - on 30/11/09


I'm alright jack!

According to John Lockyer, STRI Turfgrass Agronomist for Southern England, the key to firm, fast bowling greens is thatch control. Thatch is best described...

in Bowls - on 28/11/09


Cash in hand!

Roy Rigby, Grounds Manager at the world’s richest football club, is benefiting from a huge injection of cash for new machinery and pitch rebuilding at...

in Football - on 26/11/09


Wood on course!

Jonathan Wood, Course Manager at Enville Golf Club, is one of the newly formed Midlands Gingerbread Men. Here, he talks about the ongoing work being undertaken...

in Golf - on 24/11/09


Festivals and concerts

There is often a tendency to think of alternative uses for sport pitches when they are out of use in the summer months. The large, open and generally level...

in Industry News - on 23/11/09

Twenty Questions - Ed Carter

Ed Carter - not a fan of Cliff Richard, apparently, although he is partial to a bit of Castrol R!

in People - on 22/11/09


Damp Thinking!

Would the manufacturers of the products we use take note. Could they please apply some of their considerable expertise, resources and innovative prowess...

in Consultancy - on 22/11/09


Old what's his name!

A recent ‘ring round’ of golf clubs uncovered a worrying trend - that many club secretaries and pro shop staff do not know the name of their head greenkeeper!...

in Golf - on 20/11/09


Magnus Malcolmson is the ‘mastermind’ (sorry) behind the Shetland Islands sporting facilities. As he explains, the logistics of the most northerly...

in Industry News - on 19/11/09



Kath Bentley, STRI Turfgrass Agronomist for the North, revisits the humble earthworm. Their casts, are a long suffered problem of greenkeepers and groundsmen...

in Consultancy - on 17/11/09


Best for the West!

When Wentworth’s West Course closed to play on 1st June this year, so began the final phase of the club’s most ambitious project in twenty-five years,...

in Golf - on 17/11/09


Moss control and eradication - one man’s variation on Mother Nature’s Anhydrous Syndrome. By Ian Macmillan BSc Ba (hon) MG

in Consultancy - on 16/11/09

Top of cap.JPG


Pat ‘Cal’ Callaby, Workshop Manager at the Celtic Manor Resort, explains the workings of the humble radiator cap and why it is so important in modern...

in Machinery & Mechanics - on 15/11/09


Alan Ferguson, Head Groundsman at Ipswich Town Football Club, talks about his time at the club and the problems that relegation bring

in Football - on 14/11/09


Square bashing!

Neil Godrich, Head Groundsman at Derbyshire County Cricket Club, has been involved in an ambitious programme to turn the square through ninety degrees...

in Cricket - on 13/11/09


Irrigation or irritation?

In part 1 of his series on irrigation systems for bowls clubs, John Jinks of Osprey Water Management looks at storage tanks and pumping units

in Bowls - on 12/11/09

Matt Parry - Twenty Questions

Matt Parry - groundsman at Fulham Football Club - seems to be a little ‘cranky’ about small women!

in Football - on 11/11/09