Issue Number 29 (Page 2)


The Waitt goes on!

Tom James meets Andy Waitt, Clerk of the Course and Estates Manager at Folkestone Racecourse, and finds that he's had a difficult winter.

in Equestrian - on 31/3/10

Wetting Agents - Why, what and where?

Dry patch is a recurring phenomenon and, whilst ever you use topdressing, it will continue to be so. Dry patch only grows and will always return to the...

in Best of the Rest - on 30/3/10


Pottering about!

Andy Jackson, Head Groundsman at the Britannia Stadium, was one of a just a handful of groundsmen presiding over a match as the ‘big freeze’ decimated...

in Football - on 29/3/10


Going Green

Chipco Green has been one of the leading contact fungicides in the UK for close on thirty years. It continues to be a popular choice for turfcare professionals......

in Consultancy - on 27/3/10


Security & Theft

In this first part of our two-part special on security and theft, we look at how machinery can be protected. In part two we study what grounds and clubs...

in Best of the Rest - on 26/3/10

Eva Haensel.jpg

Seeking Approval

New product development is an incredibly costly business, especially providing for the specific needs of the turf industry, according to Syngenta Golf...

in Industry News - on 25/3/10


In the second of his ‘Three Men Went To Mow’ series of articles on maintaining green surface swards found on the golf courses of the UK, Kevin Munt...

in Golf - on 24/3/10


The Garden of Cricket ...

Kent CCC has emerged from the cold snap ready for the grounds maintenance programme to begin in earnest, reports Tom James, who meets a head groundsman...

in Cricket - on 23/3/10


Barry Glynn - manic Pitchcare poster and, apparently, not a great lover of dog owners!

in People - on 22/3/10


Is yours clogged up? Is its performance lacklustre? Do you wish it was as good as it used to be? Dr Colin Mumford explains how a visit from a specialist...

in Synthetics - on 22/3/10


The pursuit of harpyness

In his last article, Terrain Aeration’s David Green reported how he had fallen foul of VOSA regulations that hit him hard in the wallet. Well, since...

in Best of the Rest - on 21/3/10


The lowest of the low!

THE STRI’s Alistair Beggs has a bit of a rant about mowing heights

in Golf - on 20/3/10

Biopesticides Pilot Scheme launched

With the recently completed EU pesticides review having led to the withdrawal of over two thirds of the 1,000 or so existing active substances under evaluation,...

in Consultancy - on 19/3/10

COSHH Screenshot.jpg

Risk Assessments

Malcolm Gardner, Grounds Manager at BA Clubs, suggests that, when conducting risk assessments, it can be easy to get bogged down with the idea that things...

in Consultancy - on 19/3/10


In the deep mid winter...

As a nation we Brits are obsessed with the weather. It’s too hot, too cold, too wet, but never ‘just right’. And, with the media getting apoplectic...

in Best of the Rest - on 18/3/10


Club Love

This article covers the trials and tribulations of running a small amateur sports club in today’s environment. In my case, the sport is rugby union,...

in Rugby - on 16/3/10


Thaw's for thought!

Hopefully, we are now seeing the back end of this winter's weather. It has been the harshest ever, certainly in my working lifetime. Golf clubs and sports...

in Industry News - on 15/3/10

Irrigation general.jpg

More Brains - Less Water

John Deere has introduced its full irrigation package into Europe, including a range of advanced control, sensing and communications systems

in Golf - on 14/3/10


A baptism of snow!

For many football club groundsmen the period between Christmas and the New Year is usually a busy time, with a glut of fixtures to accommodate at a time...

in Football - on 13/3/10


Taking the Mickey!

Mice hold a special affection with us humans due, in the main, to Walt Disney’s Mickey and Minnie, MGM’s Tom and Jerry and the cute Stuart Little (no,...

in Consultancy - on 10/3/10