Issue Number 31 (Page 1)


Chainsaws - what's new?

Chainsaws have become sophisticated machines with a range of specialist designs for large timber or climbing work. But, many of the developments have been...

in Industry News - on 24/8/10


Trees on the Golf Course

To get the most out of golf course trees, careful management is needed, says the STRI’s Bob Taylor.

in Golf - on 23/8/10


Guernsey - Making Waves

Undaunted by big waves, the constant threat of extensive flooding at high tide and more water pumps than the City of Manchester Fire Brigade, Martyn Savident...

in Golf - on 21/8/10


Guernsey - Lunar Energy

Footes Lane Stadium is one of the sites run by the States Of Guernsey Culture and Leisure Department, who are responsible for promoting and maintaining...

in Industry News - on 19/8/10


STARSS in their eyes?

Tonight Matthew, Dr Tim Lodge is going to sing the praises of consultants. Not those ‘money for nothing’ management types, but the consultant agronomists...

in Synthetics - on 17/8/10


L'Ancresse Golf Course

Two clubs play on the L’Ancresse Golf Course - the Royal Guernsey Golf Club (RGGC) and the L’Ancresse Golf Club (LGC). Royal Guernsey Golf Club was...

in Golf - on 15/8/10


Taking tree work in-house

Chainsaw use on the golf course is usually classified as ‘occasional’. Even so, strict regulations are in place to ensure safety for both the operator...

in Golf - on 13/8/10


Testing Yourself

No testing ground can reproduce the levels and intensity of wear, timing of use, exact conditions and all the other variable inputs that you, as the turf...

in Consultancy - on 11/8/10


Sporting life on Guernsey

Over the coming days we will be highlighting sports provision on the Channel Island of Guernsey, beginning with an overview of the island's facilities,...

in Industry News - on 9/8/10


Brotherhood of Solihull

Well-known former pupils of Solihull School include the BBC newsreader Michael Buerk, Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond and Radio 5 Live presenter and...

in Cricket - on 7/8/10


Ups on the Downs

“There’s a place for figures and science in the industry, but you can’t always go by the book, sometimes you have to deal with matters as they come...

in Equestrian - on 5/8/10


The dynamic duo become the fantastic four as Henry Bechelet and Richard Windows are joined by Dr Christian Spring and Jay Dobson to outline the STRI’s...

in Golf - on 3/8/10


Darren Baldwin - looking for positivity, perfection, a new back and Kirsten Duntz!

in People - on 2/8/10


Earning his Spurs ...

Tottenham Hotspur Grounds Manager, Darren Baldwin, is playing a pivotal role in the club’s new stadium and training facilities. These are exciting times...

in Football - on 2/8/10


Kevin Munt - a night out with Christine Brinkley, whilst wearing a Frank Lampard shirt, would seem ideal!

in People - on 1/8/10


Stewart Ward, Grounds and Sport Turf Manager, Hartpury College, is highly qualified, highly committed and highly motivated to deliver the best possible...

in Industry News - on 30/7/10


The Drain Brain

Sustainable drainage for golf courses and sports grounds - an environmental approach. By Jonathan Tucker, STRI Golf Course Architect and Head of Golf Development...

in Consultancy - on 28/7/10


A brand new cricket facility at Westhoughton may just help to uncover the next England cricket star. Laurence Gale MSc meets Head Groundsman and ECB Pitch...

in Cricket - on 27/7/10

Frank Newberry

Frank Newberry - wants to learn to play the piano in another language and is gaga about Lady Gaga!

in People - on 26/7/10


Fiske's Tale

Scottish Premier League club, Aberdeen, battled the worst winter in thirty years, with snow falls of more than a foot, and weeks of sub zero temperatures....

in Football - on 26/7/10