Issue Number 31 (Page 2)


Bishop's Move

Nestling in 365 acres of stunning Cotswold parkland, bordering the beautiful village of Castle Combe, Manor House Golf Club (part of Exclusive Golf) is...

in Golf - on 24/7/10


Most crime reduction measures are common sense but, sadly, they are not common practice. In part II of his article, Tom James questions the police about...

in Industry News - on 23/7/10


Short Circuit

The mention of Plumpton generally brings a smile to people’s faces, with a comment about it being a great name and, if the person concerned is, let’s...

in Equestrian - on 21/7/10

Frank Newberry

Franks Tips

In the second and final part of his article, Frank Newberry looks at the methods people use to avoid being open and honest in the workplace, and how we...

in Consultancy - on 19/7/10


The Wracks Progress!

Perhaps the most sustainable crop on the planet, seaweed is being heralded as the answer to the ever decreasing list of chemical products for the turfcare...

in Industry News - on 17/7/10


Roger Ward - Cyclists give him the blues and his grandchildren give him the runaround!

in People - on 16/7/10


The Ward of Horsham

Lined by low hills to the west and the London to Portsmouth mainline railway to the north, Horsham cricket ground is a hark back to olden times, when any...

in Cricket - on 15/7/10


Barenbrug’s research and development manager, Jayne Leyland, explains the company’s position on grass seed coatings

in Industry News - on 14/7/10


Andrew Earley - placid, happy and easy going, except when free tickets are not on offer!

in People - on 13/7/10


What a relief ...

The importance of bed-knives and how much relief do you really need? A personal view on the debate by Peter Hampton, professional grass machinery supplier...

in Machinery & Mechanics - on 13/7/10


IOW Festival

At the mention of the Isle of Wight you’d be forgiven if Cowes Week came first to mind, the largest sailing regatta of its type in the world. However,...

in Industry News - on 12/7/10

Letters of Exemption and the BASIS Certificate in Amenity

Rob Simpson, Managing Director BASIS (Registration) Ltd, outlines the Sustainable Use Directive

in Industry News - on 11/7/10


Going Dutch III

The final chapter in Mel Pooley’s Dutch extravaganza, where ODI status is eventually given to the new square at Voorburg Cricket Club

in Cricket - on 10/7/10

A Concern for the Amenity Sector!

Are parallel imported products a threat to the future? Richard Minton, of the Crop Protection Association, believes so.

in Industry News - on 8/7/10


IPM Scouting

In the first of a series of articles written by sports turf students, William Gray, currently studying at Askham Bryan College in York, looks at Integrated...

in Industry News - on 8/7/10


21st Century Foxes

The sly old fox is an animal of folk songs, legends and children’s books; they are often portrayed as the ‘bad guys’ - remember the fox brothers...

in Consultancy - on 7/7/10

Still available after 2010

Carbendazim will be approved until at least 2012 say Barclay Crop Protection

in Industry News - on 6/7/10


in Equestrian - on 6/7/10

mower test 3 071.jpg

Stress busting

Mowing is the most widely used maintenance operation in the preparation of grass surfaces for sports use. It is generally regarded as the most influential...

in Industry News - on 5/7/10

No More Agro

Future pain

Who would believe that the substitution of one English word for another, and the introduction of three initial letters, would give rise, potentially, to...

in Industry News - on 4/7/10