Issue Number 36 (Page 3)


Verbiage about herbage!

In his own inimitable style, Ian Pogson, Product Specialist for Campey Turf Care Systems, waffles on about poor pitches, hand forking, scarification, aeration,...

in Industry News - on 9/5/11

15th fairway 1

Bandon Golf Club

Established in 1909 as a nine hole course, Bandon Golf Club is set in the grounds of the Castle Bernard Estate, in the valley of the stunning Bandon River....

in Golf - on 6/5/11


Final chance for One Show

The single industry show debate rumbles on but, disappointingly, now without any input from the initiators of the latest talks!

in Editorial - on 1/5/11


The Reaper of Doom

When the Reaper of Doom comes calling, can we still learn? Richard Murray of RWT Real World thinks so

in Consultancy - on 16/4/11


Power for the people?

Evergreen’s Iain Macpherson suggests that not only can renewable energy save you money, it can also add to the coffers

in Consultancy - on 14/4/11