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Polo in the Park

Polo is getting the T20 treatment as the public’s thirst for fast and furious sport ekes into the equestrian world. Polo in the Park, now in its third...

in Equestrian - on 13/10/11


How did it get to this?

How does a new grass seed come to market? Laurence Gale MSc follows the trail from collecting initial species to harvesting the final plant

in Industry News - on 11/10/11


Funding Grassroots Sports

In a Q&A session, Alex Welsh, Chief Executive of the London Playing Fields Foundation discusses the Olympic legacy and suggests that professional sportsmen...

in Industry News - on 9/10/11

Peter May image 5   Cricket

A Capital Investment

As grass-roots sport struggles to thrive in the face of austerity, Tom James visits a centre that has developed a model for success in its community

in Industry News - on 7/10/11

Compost Rootzone Profile

So, you’ve chosen the sand for your topdressing and rootzone - is that it?

in Industry News - on 5/10/11


Justin Lee

Justin Lee - would like to have several lives, so that he can spend more time diving and fishing, no doubt!

in People - on 3/10/11


Forking around!

A football league head groundsman who, not surprisingly, wishes to remain anonymous, gives his views on life working for a professional football club and...

in Football - on 3/10/11

AndyWatson Main

Anatomy of golf tees

Tees are one of the more functional elements of a golf course, but they are more than just platforms for drives. In this article, Andy Watson of Andy Watson...

in Golf - on 2/10/11

Outfield Football

Outfield of dreams

Bob Stretton looks at the importance of cricket outfield maintenance, the problems caused by dual use and how they might be rectified

in Cricket - on 28/9/11


The future of fertilisers

Dr David Lawson, Senior Research Officer for the STRI, discusses the future of fertilisers and their impact on the environment

in Industry News - on 26/9/11

Man City Training Ground Staff

Manchester City’s Grounds Manager, Roy Rigby, talks about his decision to install a Fibrelastic pitch at the club’s training ground

in Football - on 25/9/11

Photo 1 ceridwen

Return of the worm ...

For many years earthworm casting on sports turf was easily prevented by the pesticide chlordane. But chlordane was then banned, and now the problem of...

in Consultancy - on 22/9/11


Science in turfcare

John Handley, Technical Marketing Executive for Maxwell Amenity, visits Queen’s University in Belfast where Dr Colin Fleming explains how their current...

in Consultancy - on 20/9/11

Vitax Graden

Autumn opportunities

Bill Riley of Vitax offers some seasonal tips to prepare your turf for the onset of winter and to aid spring recovery

in Industry News - on 18/9/11

Mike O\'Keefe

OSU’s Mike O’Keeffe collects honorary fellowship from Myerscough College for his tireless work placing students on the university’s careeer changing...

in Industry News - on 16/9/11


bio-fuel productions

Simon Taylor, UK Sales & Marketing Manager for Euro Grass B.V explains about the increase in bio-fuel crops and the threat to grass seed production

in Industry News - on 16/9/11


One of the industry’s most endearing characters, Carol Dutton, is retiring to warmer climes. Here she offers her thanks to all those industry folk she...

in Industry News - on 15/9/11

SteveRouse Hover

Hanging up his boots...

After giving forty-five years service to Warwickshire County Cricket Club, the wanderlust has got the better of Steve Rouse. Here, he talks to Pitchcare...

in Cricket - on 14/9/11

DLF   Sussex CCC images 4

Sowing the seeds of love!

Valentine’s Day encounter ends in love for Andy Mackay but, this time, it’s for coated grass seed .

in Cricket - on 7/9/11


Andy Watson

Andy Watson - remains positive and optimistic that he can become a tidier person!

in People - on 4/9/11