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Operator safety

David Morgan is a Product Manager for Ransomes Jacobsen, based at their international headquarters in Ipswich, Suffolk. In this short article, he looks...

in Industry News - on 3/3/12

The importance of maintaining artificial turf pitches is widely acknowledged throughout the sports industry, and the consequences of neglecting to do so...

in Synthetics - on 2/3/12

Backpack blowers testing

“We consider blowers to be disposable machinery, replaced every couple of years, so price is important. If the cheaper makes do the job, and you are...

in Industry News - on 29/2/12

Harts Common Golf Club

It’s a family affair at Hart Common Golf Course, where Peter Roberts’ dream of creating one of the best pay and play courses in the north-west of England...

in Golf - on 27/2/12

Anatomy of a golf course

In this article Andy Watson, of Andy Watson Golf Design, will look at what constitutes a green; how it is placed; its size and shape; and technical advancements...

in Golf - on 26/2/12

Natural or artificial?

Why does natural turf remain the ‘natural’ choice for football, sports and playing surfaces, when many back the introduction of artificial surfaces?...

in Synthetics - on 24/2/12

Sharing a latitude with Juneau in Alaska and St Petersburg in Russia, Aberdeen’s Mannofield Park is the most northerly One Day International accredited...

in Cricket - on 22/2/12

Best turf in the world

In April last year, Tim Fell, managing director of turf producer, Tillers Turf, was having a fairly routine day at his Lincolnshire turf nursery until...

in Golf - on 20/2/12

Soil formation

Jimmy Kidd tells us that our soil is a gift that will provide us with the quality of turf that we need, as long as we let the rootzones, micro and macro...

in Consultancy - on 18/2/12

The Forsyth Barr stadium

This article provides an insight into how the Forsyth Barr stadium came to be and the many agronomic challenges that needed to be overcome.

in Rugby - on 17/2/12

Jimmy Kidd

Jimmy Kidd - loyal and supportive and grudge free, but woe betide you if you drop litter!

in People - on 16/2/12

Simon Taylor - whatever you do, don’t drop litter, especially if he’s on his bike behind your car!

in People - on 15/2/12

How to avoid disputes

The careful use of the most appropriate and explicit wording can contribute to a clear understanding between contractor and client. However, avoiding...

in Consultancy - on 15/2/12

The trials of breeding

The UK climate can only be described as variable. I can remember my grandparents talking about the floods in the 1950s, and the winter of 1963. Most of...

in Industry News - on 13/2/12

Matt Pullen

Matt Pullen - Usually, he’s mad and loud - if he’s not, then he’s won the lottery!

in People - on 11/2/12

First impressions count

Matthew Pullen is only the fourth Head Groundsman at The Leys School in Cambridge since the 1950s. The fifty acre site is maintained by a grounds team...

in Schools & Colleges - on 11/2/12

SWALEC Stadium

Three years down the line, Keith Exton finally has the backing of the committee to undertake major remedial work on the Swalec’s square. Steven Pask...

in Cricket - on 9/2/12

Filton College apprentice

When Nigel Hornsby left a secure position at Millfield School to take the head job at Filton College, he knew that he would have his work cut out to bring...

in Schools & Colleges - on 7/2/12