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Cricket Mobile Blue Top

Cricket covers

With the cricket season in full swing, high summer, whites, a few beers and, all too often here in Britain, rain, are the order of the day. However, protecting...

in Cricket - on 9/7/12


For the Greenkeeping fraternity, given the day-to-day challenges, such as under pressure club finances, coping with the UK’s temperamental climate and...

in Golf - on 8/7/12


Martin Jones

Martin Jones - Loud, instinctive, fat, fit and funny, but don’t be late!

in People - on 7/7/12


Bowling consistency

Twenty-three year old Patrick Hulbert has been an international bowls player and representative for England in China and America, as well as a national...

in Bowls - on 6/7/12


Mow slopes safely?

Richard Comely, Director of Marketing and Product Management at Ransomes Jacobsen, the Ipswich -based manufacturer of commercial mowing equipment for the...

in Industry News - on 3/7/12


Fungi treats

When Steve Oultram, Head Greenkeeper at Wilmslow Golf Club, asked a fungi fanatical member to survey the number of species out on the course, he was amazed...

in Conservation & Ecology - on 1/7/12

AstonVilla JCMowingUnderLights

Light bulb moment!

The principles of maintaining a modern football pitch have not changed much but, nowadays, it is more about the intensity of the inputs, and the wider...

in Football - on 30/6/12


Aeration techniques

It’s been eight years since our last in-depth look at aeration techniques and, in that time, there have been a number of technical advances, new theories...

in Industry News - on 28/6/12


Data, collection

Monitoring is a very powerful tool if understood and utilised correctly. However, it has been written into many management plans without serious consideration...

in Consultancy - on 26/6/12


Personal integrity

Trainer and Motivational Speaker, Frank Newberry, is convinced that personal integrity is vital to a successful career. Here, he makes the case for personal...

in Consultancy - on 24/6/12

Kempton AllWeatherTurfCrossing

All weather racing is one of the success stories of the equestrian industry, bringing new fans to the sport and keeping the coffers full when winter...

in Equestrian - on 22/6/12

The trials and tribulations of end of season renovations

Our anonymous football league head groundsman, Mr AKA Grasscutter, talks about the trials and tribulations of end of season renovations

in Football - on 20/6/12


Life in dead wood

Often overlooked in favour of the more cute and cuddly members of British wildlife, invertebrates are a key element in the functioning of the living planet...

in Conservation & Ecology - on 20/6/12

Rugby SueLacy

Rugby Lions RFC

Once playing at the highest echelons of their sport, Rugby Lions RFC have, in recent years, hit on leaner times and steadily dropped down the leagues....

in Rugby - on 18/6/12


Turf cries for help?

There is some very interesting technology, currently being trialed in the farming industry, that will have a huge impact on how turfcare professionals...

in Industry News - on 15/6/12

Wolves Shane Wayne

Wayne's world

Shane Moon, Head Groundsman at Guernsey’s Footes Lane stadium, gets the chance to see how things are done at a Premiership club as Wolves take on Manchester...

in Football - on 13/6/12

Oaklands AndrewWright

Managing people

Andrew Wight, Head of Work Based Learning for Land Based Industries at Oaklands College, gives some personal views on leadership skills

in Training & Education - on 11/6/12

MGS Main3

Olympic training venue

Olympic aspirations are being met at The Manchester Grammar School, one of the country’s premier educational institutions, as work continues to ready...

in Schools & Colleges - on 9/6/12

Irrigation Main

Water Management in uncertain times. Budgets stretched to breaking point. The spectre of climate change. The developing culture of retrospective blame....

in Industry News - on 6/6/12

PeteMarron Pavilion

Life after Old Trafford

After dedicating thirty years of his life to the home of Lancashire cricket, Pete Marron left Old Trafford three years ago for pastures new. Our editor...

in Cricket - on 4/6/12