Issue Number 42 (Page 2)


Funding for sport

There’s nowhere to hide from budget cuts and, where cash is given with one hand, it’s more often than not taken with the other. This is to the frustration...

in Industry News - on 3/6/12


Coventry Stadium

This summer, the City of Coventry Stadium - as the venue will be known during the Olympic Games - will host twelve matches in eight days during London...

in Football - on 1/6/12


Caribbean cricket

Tom James reports from the home of West Indian cricket in the UK, where he finds the club chairman, Harwood Williams, in philosophical mood, following...

in Cricket - on 30/5/12

AlickMackay EntranceGate

Furness Golf Club

As roving reporters go, our editor roves more than most. One area that has avoided his camera, until recently, is West Cumbria. So, when he got the call...

in Golf - on 29/5/12

Musselburgh Groundstaff

Musselburgh Racecourse

A small racecourse with an even smaller grounds team stole the show at the Neil Wyatt Racecourse Groundstaff Awards, taking the dual purpose track prize....

in Equestrian - on 27/5/12


Artificial Surfaces

The Football League’s decision to formally discuss a proposed re-introduction of artificial surfaces has caused quite a stir. From players and managers...

in Football - on 26/5/12

Corne Kempenaar

Going Dutch

A review of weed control management practices in Holland indicates how methods are likely to change in the UK over the next few years, driven by European...

in Industry News - on 23/5/12

Cottingham Parks golf club took advantage of the ECA scheme and reduced costs

Hose pipe bans

The duties and responsibilities of anyone operating a washdown system, the legal requirements and the latest penalties for non-compliance have been covered...

in Industry News - on 21/5/12

IOM Delegates

IOM seminar

Mike Atherton, Head Groundsman at King William’s College on the Isle of Man, recalls the trials and tribulations of arranging the first ever seminar...

in Industry News - on 20/5/12


Guilford CC

Bill Clutterbuck finally gives in to relentless badgering, and pens his first article for Pitchcare. Here, he talks about the interrelationship between...

in Cricket - on 19/5/12


New Disease Alert

Two newly emerging turf diseases, Rapid Blight and Brown Ring Patch, have recently been confirmed in samples received from golf courses in the UK and Ireland,...

in Industry News - on 18/5/12


Rob Bradshaw - Girls Aloud, Singing proud ... and very loud!

in People - on 16/5/12


Rob,s new challenge

Rob Bradshaw is one ambitious young man, and his stated aim is to get to the top of his profession. He played football for his school team, but realised...

in Industry News - on 16/5/12

Shrewsbury Seeding

Elton John has left town

In issue 38 of our magazine, the Shrewsbury Town groundsmen, Richard Barnett and Andrew Muir gave us a detailed account of preparing for, and renovating...

in Football - on 14/5/12

Supertrencher 760 060

Sports turf drainage

Cost effective, efficient, lean production, economical - all words used by management consultants in their study of processes. With these words in mind,...

in Industry News - on 9/5/12

PeterRobinson Switch

Rainwater harvesting

A Yorkshireman, who settled in Kent for cricket reasons (not too many of them!), but Peter Robinson did just that. Amongst several areas of vigorous involvement...

in Industry News - on 6/5/12

GordonWalke JohnSimpson

Walney Island

Whilst visiting Furness Golf Club, our editor, accompanied by the club’s Head Greenkeeper, Alick Mackay, dropped in to learn more about two bowls clubs...

in Bowls - on 3/5/12


Water shortage

The coalition Government, and in particular the Conservative side of it, have not had a good few weeks. First we had Pastygate and the ‘hot’ VAT saga,...

in Editorial - on 1/5/12