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Q&A with Clive Pring

Clive Pring - cheesy answers, but we like his take on gamesmanship and sin bins!

in People - on 25/3/14


The other St James Park

Exeter City runs on one of the smallest budgets as it is fan owned and with no financial backer. Head Groundsman, Clive Pring, explains how he operates...

in Football - on 25/3/14

Auroras Encore jumping Bechers

The grand challenge

A round of updates to the course and fences in 2013 to increase safety was just part of an ongoing process of improvements at Aintree Racecourse, home...

in Equestrian - on 23/3/14

View of the two replica Madejski pitches

Trickiest conversion

Although, at present, in the lower reaches of the Aviva Premiership, London Irish has massive ambitions and, in one specific area, is paving the way. Neville...

in Rugby - on 21/3/14

WorkingAlone TractorLightsOn

Lone working

Regular readers will be aware that, in recent months, there have been two events linked to the risks of lone working, one resulting in a near-miss, and...

in Industry News - on 19/3/14

Turf installation at Michaels Avenue reserve

3G Turf Installations

In the first of a series of articles by Dr Marke Jennings-Temple exploring the procurement of synthetic turf, he discusses the things to consider before...

in Football - on 17/3/14

Poweroll WatfordGrammarSchool

Pre-season rolling

Cricket groundsmen everywhere will be starting up their trusty roller and heading out to the square to begin pre-season rolling. ECB Pitch Advisor for...

in Cricket - on 15/3/14

Worker Brood 004

Beekeeping for golf

Edward Ainsworth, Course Manager at Avro Golf Club in Cheshire, discusses his passion for beekeeping and how other golf clubs may benefit

in Golf - on 13/3/14


Myerscough & Pitchcare

Training providers announce collaborative educational developments

in Training & Education - on 11/3/14

TurfdrySilverdale 3

Taylor made ...

Silverdale Colliery transformed for community sports fields and housing

in Football - on 11/3/14

Composting Winrow

Green Compost -

Renewable, Sustainable and all of the other buzzwords “WRAP-ped” up. Andy Law of Whitemoss Eco explains the workings and benefits of green compost

in Consultancy - on 9/3/14

Vermont TakingThe...

Taking the ...

The Rich Earth Institute in Brattleboro, Vermont, is likely the only organisation measuring success in gallons of urine

in Industry News - on 8/3/14

Bribery News

The Bribery Act

The 2010 Bribery Act was introduced to stamp out bribery in business - whether this be the giving or receiving of ‘gifts’ to affect a sale or something...

in Industry News - on 7/3/14


The Joy of Integration!

A definition of integration is the process of bringing all parts together to achieve objectives says Professor John Moverley OBE, Chairman of The Amenity...

in Industry News - on 5/3/14

DaveSaltman2012 2

Swearing allegiance!

I can’t help but have total empathy with all of you involved in trying to keep playing surfaces open and playable during the past two months

in Editorial - on 28/2/14