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A professional practice

Should you be in reflective mood on a daily basis? Can keeping a reflective diary really effect change? Ben Kebby, Assistant Golf Course Superintendent...

in Consultancy - on 18/12/14


A Living Landscape

In Hertfordshire, there are more than seventy golf courses. By their very nature they are relatively large areas of countryside, much of which is made...

in Golf - on 15/12/14

4th hole with the rhododendrons in full bloom

Dutch courage

Scotsman Allan Salmond has spent the majority of his career working in The Netherlands, having qualified at Elmwood College in his home country. In this...

in Golf - on 12/12/14

LancasterGolfClub WarrenBevan2

Q&A with Warren Bevan

Warren Bevan - comes from cowboy stock, but don’t get him started; the Redbull does that!

in Golf - on 10/12/14

LancasterGolfClub AshtonHall

Lancaster Golf Club

Keeping the members happy is a golf club’s raison d’etre. In this article, Warren Bevan, Course Manager at Lancaster Golf Club, explains how he helps...

in Golf - on 10/12/14


Mental Illness

Most adults spend the bulk of their waking hours at work. Some say that their “best” hours are given to their employers. If workers like their jobs...

in Training & Education - on 7/12/14

Monmouth School 11

Monmouth School

Celebrating its 400th anniversary in 2014, Monmouth School is situated around two miles on the Welsh side of the border with England and even closer to...

in Football - on 4/12/14


Q&A with Peter Ashworth

Peter Ashworth - get the coffee on ... please!

in Football - on 1/12/14


Making a splash

Outside Preston North End’s Deepdale stadium is a statue called The Splash, erected in honour of their most famous son, Sir Tom Finney. Making something...

in Football - on 1/12/14

RoyalOak AdditionalFencing

When's a tree not a tree?

That is a question that could be asked of the Royal Oak, perhaps the most famous tree in the world and one that countless public houses in England are...

in Consultancy - on 29/11/14


Mick Hunt Interview

Being Head Groundsman at such a high profile venue as Lord’s might appear, from the outside, to be somewhat stressful but, apart from the odd panic attack...

in Cricket - on 27/11/14

Schloss 5th

Land of a thousand lakes

One of the nine European Tour Destinations, Golf & Country Club Fleesensee has had a spectacular rise since the resort complex was completed fourteen years...

in Golf - on 25/11/14


A difficult birth?

John Coleman, Managing Director of Advanced Turf Technology and inventor of the TMSystem™, outlines how to develop a new product and bring it to market...

in Machinery & Mechanics - on 23/11/14


A turfcare turning point

Although the World Cup is fast becoming a fading memory, the positive effects it had on the turfgrass industry in Brazil continue to grow. Jim Cook caught...

in Football - on 21/11/14

shaun and sulekha

National Hunt’s nursery

A small team produce high standards at Huntingdon Racecourse, where many equine stars of the jumping game emerge and, as it turns out, groundsmen learn...

in Equestrian - on 19/11/14

CraigGilholm 3

How was it for you?

The Open at Royal Liverpool was deemed a huge success by all concerned, with the greenkeeping team singled out for plaudits by many in the media. There...

in Golf - on 17/11/14


Q&A with Carl Bingham

Carl Bingham - Romancing the Stone and a spot on ‘Strictly’ appear to be in order!

in Cricket - on 15/11/14

CarlBingham Ransomes

Stourbridge CC

Stourbridge Cricket Club’s stated aim, as proudly displayed on their badge, is to promote excellence in cricket. A five year turnaround strategy has...

in Cricket - on 15/11/14

InterfaceBottle 5L v3

Bayer clarification

Clarification statement relating to Bayer’s Interface® fungicide

in Industry News - on 13/11/14

Walmer Courts

Racquets and Renovations

Julius Caesar landed here, the Duke of Wellington lived and died here and its castle has been, for over 200 years, the official residence of the Lord Wardens...

in Tennis - on 13/11/14