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Managing our turf

With the arsenal of pesticides seriously diminished in recent years, just what is still available and what, if you have it in your store, will it actually...

in Industry News - on 3/6/15


Breaking the law?

In the second of a series of three, Mike Atherton discusses how Liebig’s Law of Minimum might be inappropriate and that the Law of Tolerance may be a...

in Industry News - on 30/5/15


Recycling the Golf Course

James Hutchinson, recently appointed Environmental Officer at The St Andrews Links Trust, offers us his advice on the use of recycled materials and their...

in Golf - on 28/5/15

Brighton SteveWinterburn

Rugby World Cup

Neville Johnson went to one of the country’s newest football stadiums just months before it breaks new ground as the first to stage a Rugby World Cup...

in Football - on 26/5/15

FrankNewberry2014 2

Managing your Mates?

Pitchcare Trainer and Motivational Speaker Frank Newberry tackles the challenge many have to face when they are promoted from within a work team. Should...

in Consultancy - on 24/5/15

Golf Artificial

Natural Turf Golf Greens

The onrush of artificial grass pitches into winter sports, plus the installation of multi use games areas pretty much everywhere else, has prompted agronomist...

in Golf - on 22/5/15

Football pitches reverting to long grass regimes in a Manchester park

Who cares about parks?

What does the future hold for public parks and open spaces and what are the issues which parks managers are currently facing? Green Flag judge, Bernard...

in Local Authority - on 20/5/15

Mel Pooley Vertidrain

Pitch Improvement

In November 2012, Cambridgeshire Cricket Board was approached by representatives of Sport England to run a pilot scheme for improving the playing surfaces...

in Cricket - on 18/5/15

Undersoil 5

Hot and bothered?

In many of the continental leagues, undersoil heating is becoming a prerequisite for promotion. But, what are the factors to consider when installing a...

in Football - on 16/5/15

Chislehurst Golf Club Club house

Looking back to forward

Andy Church of Ultra Soil Solutions looks at how one club in Kent has overcome the problem of split personalities between his greens and saved money into...

in Golf - on 14/5/15

Sheltons Supertrencher fairway drainage 760

R&D Strategy for Success

Sportsturf drainage expert, Mick Claxton, Director at Shelton Sportsturf Drainage talks about his favourite part of the job – new machine development...

in Drainage & Irrigation - on 12/5/15

Delta T Green Keeper and Grid

Sports Turf Moisture

I was recently told of a golf club in Eastern England which started to add fertiliser to its golf greens in the 1960s and had fabulous greens. The greenkeeper...

in Industry News - on 28/4/15

Myerscough DSC0182

Higher Education and you

Why should I do a degree? It’s a good question and one that deserves serious thought and consideration. A first response might be to get a better job,...

in Training & Education - on 10/4/15