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Ashfield Golf Club

This year, Ashfield Golf Club celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary. Alan Mahon, editor of Greenside magazine, went along to meet with Donal Murtagh,...

in Golf - on 24/12/15

Japan team training 3

Upping their game

The Bayer Turf solutions team talked to members of the groundstaff at Kingsholm about preparing the pitches and maintaining the high standard of play required...

in Rugby - on 18/12/15

HarborneCC Rolling

Harborne Cricket Club

One of Harborne Cricket Club’s new Head Groundsman, Peter Day's first tasks was to clear out the sheds of old and unwanted equipment and to draw up a...

in Cricket - on 16/12/15


Rio Olympics Golf Course

His calm demeanour belies an adventurous nature that leads his friends to call him the Indiana Jones of golf course management. Yes, Neil Cleverly welcomes...

in Golf - on 14/12/15

BumbleBees MarkHeap&Jake2

Site of the Bumble Bees

Alice Northrop heads to the Bradford & Bingley Sports Club to meet up with Groundsman Mark Heap and his trusty companion at the start of the inaugural...

in Rugby - on 12/12/15

Noise test 325

Measuring noise

Ian Mitchell discusses the issue of noise - how it’s measured and its effect on operators working with outdoor power equipment

in Machinery & Mechanics - on 10/12/15

LesserHorseshoe Wiki

To the bat cave!

Bats are truly fascinating animals – the only true flying mammal. There are over 1,100 species of bats in the world, and more are still being discovered....

in Conservation & Ecology - on 7/12/15

C16B2416 Brasingaman Eric

Racing ahead ...

A concerted effort to improve groundcare standards at Nottingham Racecourse has been rewarded with patronage by racing’s future stars. Jane Carley talks...

in People - on 5/12/15


The sport of Queen’s

Queen’s University Belfast is one of the finest universities in the world and is well recognised for its ability to provide sports facilities for the...

in Football - on 3/12/15

Kingarrock Mansion

History and ecology...

James Hutchinson, Environmental Officer at The St Andrews Links Trust, heads eleven miles inland from the Old Course to visit Kingarrock, where golfers...

in Golf - on 1/12/15


Soil biology revolution

In the first of a series of articles, Symbio’s Managing Director Martin Ward looks at how healthy soil works and why natural grass systems remain friable,...

in Golf - on 28/11/15

Queens Park Loughborough

Paradise Lost?

In this, his third article in the series, Bernard Sheridan argues that, despite being a target for further draconian austerity cuts, they should, in fact,...

in Local Authority - on 25/11/15

UsedMachinery JohnDeere

Used machinery purchasing

Alex Meacock was a course member on this year’s British Guild of Agricultural Journalists’ John Deere Training Award for potential agricultural, horticultural...

in Machinery & Mechanics - on 23/11/15

Typical Multi Use Games Area after Refurbishment

Refurbishing existing

This article, the fifth in a series prepared by David Rhodes of Traction Sports, discusses how the refurbishment of an existing facility can bring substantial...

in Tennis - on 21/11/15

ExeterChiefs Adrian&Max3

Exeter’s turf chiefs

Alice Northrop gets just the tiniest bit excited as she takes the opportunity to visit one of her old university haunts - Sandy Park - ahead of their first...

in Rugby - on 19/11/15

CoedYMwstwr AndrewHatcher

Q&A with Andrew Hatcher

Andrew Hatcher - wouldn't be the quietest dinner party you had ever been to. He should be so lucky; lucky, lucky, lucky!

in Golf - on 17/11/15

CoedYMwstwr Bunker

Coed-Y-Mwstwr Golf Club

Coed-Y-Mwstwr Golf Club is situated close to the town of Bridgend. Its English name of ‘whispering woods’ perfectly describes its peaceful, tree lined...

in Golf - on 17/11/15


Not just a golf course!

Steve Thompson’s motto says it all. His tireless conservation work at John O’Gaunt Golf Club has seen him win numorous awards, and he has even made...

in Golf - on 15/11/15

FrankNewberry2015 1

Management Material?

Frank Newberry explores what might make a good manager and whether you can get beyond supervision - on your own terms

in Consultancy - on 15/11/15

ShrewsburyTown PitchMain3

Taming of the Shrews ...

For most football clubs outside of the top two divisions, financial constraints keep budgets at a minimum. The primary focus is on the playing side and...

in Football - on 13/11/15