Issue Number 68 (Page 2)


Is Sky the limit?

With more and more headline sport being broadcast on Pay TV, is this having an affect on the Government’s participation targets and also the continued...

in Editorial - on 5/9/16

Bowls TwoFingers

Bowling green renovations

Autumn is a season of great importance for the bowling club greenkeeper. The regular playing fixtures come to an end, so thoughts can now turn to renovations...

in Bowls - on 5/9/16

Make it clear to people what's happening!

Has the paradigm shifted?

In his previous article, green space specialist, Bernard Sheridan, called for local authorities and land owners to seriously consider having ‘no-mow’...

in Local Authority - on 2/9/16

Unsafe strimming

The Value of Training

Nigel Church, Product Trainer with Cutting Edge Training, looks at the value of staff training and its role as an important investment for any business...

in Industry News - on 31/8/16

Dave Saltman 3

Unseasonable seasons...

As I pen this foreword, I’m sat in a 9-tonne excavator at Shrewsbury Town’s training ground, moving lorry loads of sand; forty-one articulated lorry...

in Football - on 29/8/16