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Crowds 6

Good turf requires labour

The Head Groundsman at Ealing Cricket Club has two jobs - he is also a doctorate-educated, elected Councillor for the Walpole ward. Jake Barrow meets Gareth...

in Cricket - on 16/3/18

Avro General2

Avro bat boxes

In this article, Eddie Ainsworth, the ‘bee man’, turns to another of his passions, bats, and explains how he is helping to increase their numbers at...

in Golf - on 24/4/17

Fulwell SamEvans Head&Shoulders

Q&A with Sam Evans

Sam Evans - keen, organised, optimistic ... Belieber!

in People - on 17/4/17

Fulwell SamEvans Head&Shoulders

Feels like Evans...

Situated in the middle of an imaginary triangle formed by Twickenham Rugby Stadium, Kempton Park Racecourse and Hampton Court Palace, lies Fulwell Golf...

in Golf - on 17/4/17

Hedgehog Main

A prickly situation!

Mrs Tiggy-Winkle is in decline, with one third of the UK’s hedgehog population disappearing in the past ten years. Human activity is to blame, but there...

in Conservation & Ecology - on 10/4/17

BallyclareRFC Russell

A marriage made in heaven

It is often said that wedded couples need to put in some hard work to avoid a divorce but, when two sports clubs in Northern Ireland merged to share their...

in Cricket - on 5/4/17

IMG 2131

Synthetic turf advances

The constant desire to push the boundaries of what is possible encourages the synthetic turf industry to constantly evolve and shift its focus

in Machinery & Mechanics - on 3/4/17

LT F3000

Machinery budgets

For numerous reasons - economical, societal, political and demographic - revenue decline is a very real issue for golf courses and sports facilities these...

in Machinery & Mechanics - on 29/3/17

Daniel Lightfoot and Lee Strutt discuss turf health on greens

Fungicide programmes

Daniel Lightfoot MG MSc, of Syngenta outlined his approach to Designing a Pro-Active Fungicide Programme, developed in conjunction with Lee Strutt MG PGdip,...

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 27/3/17

Orkney ChrisRaeTractor

Q&A with Chris Rae

Chris Rae - Border, Botham and Walters over for dinner - good luck with that!

in Golf - on 24/3/17

Orkney ChrisRaeTractor

Orcadian delights

It’s a well known fact that Australians like to feel the sun on their back and sand between their toes, so how did one of their kind find himself plying...

in Golf - on 24/3/17

FrankNewberry2017 2

Speaking truth to power

Grounds Training Tutor Frank Newberry suggests how we might tackle giving important people honest criticism, without making things worse in the short term...

in Consultancy - on 22/3/17

Fusarium CloseUp

Grabbed by the fuzz?

We’re heading into a period of the year when disease pressure is generally high, particularly Microdochium nivale, otherwise known as Fusarium patch....

in Pests & Diseases - on 20/3/17

23 11 16 rain covers being removed

Battling dual use ...

Five months of unpredictable weather and dual use at the DW Stadium has meant that Dave Saltman and the Wigan team have had to pull out all the stops to...

in Football - on 17/3/17


Electronics on Mowers

In the 3rd article of Jim Whitton’s machinery series, he explores the development of commercial mower electrical systems over the last three...

in Machinery & Mechanics - on 15/3/17


A cast of thousands or ..

With the withdrawal of carbendazim this year, turfcare professionals across the UK will have concerns surrounding worm casts and the damage they will do...

in Pests & Diseases - on 13/3/17

GroundsTraining team

GroundsTraining milestone

The autumn of 2016 marked 10 years since John Richards invited me to “see if I could do something with a few training enquiries” that had trickled...

in Training & Education - on 12/3/17

Coring PPG

The End of Coring?

Brad Revill is a result of The Ohio Program, an enquiring mind and hard work. Currently Director of Golf Course Maintenance at Nikanti Golf Club in Bangkok,...

in Golf - on 11/3/17

Lebanon Landscape

Efficient use of nitrogen

Nitrogen is quantitatively the most important mineral nutrient required by turfgrasses; as a structural and functional component of the 20 protein amino...

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 10/3/17

Turf Trials I

Could it be more helpful?

Turfgrass Seed - The buyers guide to quality amenity turfgrasses’ is published by the British Society of Plant Breeders Ltd and the turfgrass evaluation...

in Turf & Grass Seed - on 10/3/17