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King'sLynnNEW ApproachingGreen

King’s Lynn Golf Club

Research and analysis are the stock in trade for Course Manager Colin Robinson in his quest to eradicate disease across the King’s Lynn Golf Club’s...

in Golf - on 21/8/17

Adder BennyTrapp Wiki

UK Land Reptiles

There are six native species of land dwelling reptiles in the UK, three snakes and three lizards. Except for the avid naturalist, few of them would sit...

in Conservation & Ecology - on 14/8/17

ShootersHill 10th

Shooters Hill Golf Club

Built on what is believed to be the site of a mediaeval archery practice range, Shooters Hill Golf Club is targeting a more biological and sustainable...

in Golf - on 11/8/17

24th shade pattern

DW Stadium, Wigan

In the final part of the Wigan Athletic trilogy, Dave Saltman picks up the story after carrying out dimple seeding through the diamond of the pitch following...

in Football - on 9/8/17

LarneCC GeneralView

Larne Cricket Club

Sandy Bay in County Antrim was once a beach leading onto the Irish Sea, but is now the home ground for Larne Cricket Club. Chris McCullough took his bucket...

in Cricket - on 7/8/17

KingPower IMG 1057

Team work perfection

Jane Carley reports on a partnership between groundsmen and contractor that is reaping rewards, both on and off the field of play. For it is here that...

in Equestrian - on 4/8/17


Creating a hibernaculum

Eddie Ainsworth, Course Manager at Avro Golf Club in Stockport, explains how, by using some rocks, rubble and logs, he was able to create a hibernaculum...

in Golf - on 3/8/17

StLeon Rot craig cameron

Q&A with Craig Cameron

Craig Cameron - enjoys helping others ... and kicking back

in Golf - on 2/8/17

StLeon Rot SolheimCupJDAerial

Golf Club St. Leon-Rot

Not many people can claim to have given up a career in the the West End musical theatre to take up greenkeeping, but that is exactly what Craig Cameron,...

in Golf - on 2/8/17

Training pitches 3

Carton House Resort

Carton House is a beautifully restored historic mansion in Kildare which has been discreetly converted into a modern luxury destination resort - the first...

in Football - on 31/7/17

Drills Bath2

It’s all about the bounce

Cricket club groundsmen face the same challenge as all turfcare managers; how to eliminate compaction, improve drainage, encourage healthy deep-rooted...

in Cricket - on 19/7/17

FrankNewberry2017 2

Manage the micro manager

In the first of a two-part article, Grounds Training Tutor and Careers Advisor Frank Newberry gave his take on the serious problem of micro-managers. In...

in Consultancy - on 17/7/17

Simon Willems (back left) with the Sevenoaks School grounds care team

'Old school’ no longer!

A few years ago, the school report might have read: superb academic record and at the forefront of classroom innovation, yet a bit of an under achiever...

in Football - on 14/7/17


Q&A with Jez Sadler

Jez Sadler - fav song? Smoke gets in your eyes!

in Cricket - on 12/7/17

JezSadler Autoroller

The best job in Essex

Peter Driver heads to Colchester and East Essex Cricket Club to meet their Head Groundsman, Jez Sadler, and find out how he engineered his career...

in Cricket - on 12/7/17


Snap happy!

Wildlife photography has become something of a passion for Darran Marshall, Ecology Officer at Loch Lomond Golf Club, as he explains to Peter Britton

in Golf - on 10/7/17

Otterbine Fountain

Water quality issues

Water is one of the most precious of our recyclable resources and a source of natural beauty and recreation. In this article, Reg Varney, international...

in Golf - on 7/7/17

Cosby GC Thomas Flavelle 2

Q&A - Thomas Flavelle

Thomas Flavelle; I feel the force with this one

in Golf - on 5/7/17

Cosby GC green 2

Flavelle of the month

Cosby Golf Club is set in the heart of the Midlands and, for the past two and half years, has gained the expertise of Head Greenkeeper Thomas...

in Golf - on 5/7/17

RobBradshaw Grasshopper

Q&A with Rob Bradshaw

Rob Bradshaw - a man on a journey; smelling of coconut along the way!

in Football - on 3/7/17