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Fallow WikiCommons

The buck stops here!

There are six species of resident deer in the UK, four of which are classifed as ‘introduced’. Most golfers and, indeed, some greenkeepers delight...

in Conservation & Ecology - on 24/12/17

LibertyNational Crowds

Golf in the land of liber

As part of Pitchcare’s series on the Ohio State University’s ‘TOP’ Program for the international transfer of student greenkeepers, youngster Gavin...

in Golf - on 18/12/17

Jim Whitton Dual drive HST system

Hydraulic systems

Hydraulic systems have now been commonplace on grounds maintenance equipment for many years, and not just on large equipment. Jim Whitton continues his...

in Machinery & Mechanics - on 13/12/17

Arley Hall in June (1)

Horticultural excellence

Many have sung the praises of Britain’s most ancient herbaceous border. Greg Rhodes meets the team charged with keeping it, and the surrounding lavish...

in Conservation & Ecology - on 11/12/17

Ashton GC Rick Sinker 2

Q&A with Rick Sinker

Rick Sinker evens out his passion for Strictly and his pet cat with a pint after work

in Golf - on 8/12/17

Ashton GC hole

Ashton-in-Makerfield GC

Rick Sinker, Head Greenkeeper at Ashton-in-Makerfield Golf Club, told us about his mission to completely redevelop his course's bunker setup. He hopes...

in Golf - on 8/12/17

Queensway StevenPay

Freedom Crusaders

Queensway Stadium is home to north Wales’ only paid rugby league team. The multi-sport venue is operated by Freedom Leisure and is run on a tight budget....

in Rugby - on 6/12/17

The Buckinghamshire beauty shot

Insider Knowledge

Passionate about enabling course managers to develop a trained irrigation eye to implement preventative measures against potential problems or ably respond...

in Golf - on 4/12/17


Balancing Oldham’s needs

The pitch at Oldham Athletic’s Sports Park has suffered for a few seasons with poor drainage, a lack of grass and instability in the winter...

in Football - on 1/12/17

Peter Alliss in the clubhouse with Jack Percival

No sign of water ...

There is a golf club like no other that has London’s 21st century skyline as a backdrop. It was the golfing ‘birthplace’ of one of this country’s...

in Golf - on 29/11/17


Q&A with David O'Neill

David O’Neill - the loudest dinner party ever! Mind your p’s and q’s

in Cricket - on 27/11/17

Portchester Castle

The end of castle cricket

Portchester Cricket Club, on England’s south coast, now has two senior teams instead of three. This seemingly trivial piece of grassroots team news is...

in Cricket - on 27/11/17

Oct Fluid flushing tank shot Hyde Park

When the well is not well

Once, during a discussion with a client a few years ago, I was talking about maintenance of his new well when he quipped … ‘but its just an ’ole...

in Conservation & Ecology - on 20/11/17

Effect on root development after using Worm Power

Digging deep...

Hans de Kort explains why a new vermicomposted liquid fertiliser is different from other tea-based products on the market, and how the product benefits...

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 18/11/17

Windsor RayDowns4

Winter sorted at Windsor

Outdoor tennis can be a lonely sport during the winter months but, for one Belfast club, they have got it covered. Chris McCullough headed to the suburbs...

in Tennis - on 17/11/17

Bury Gaz&MikeMain

Technicality and tenacity

Two years ago, Bury Football Club brought in experienced turfcare specialist Gareth Lester as Grounds Manager, to complement the work of existing Head...

in Football - on 15/11/17

Bolton GC Richard Banning

Bolton Golf Club

At well over 1,000ft above sea level, Bolton Golf Club should be a hotbed of extreme weather phenomena and accompanying difficult turf conditions. But...

in Golf - on 13/11/17

ColwynBay DaveWallace

Q&A with Dave Wallace

Dave Wallace - tea drinking, honest and moody!

in Cricket - on 10/11/17

ColwynBay DaveWallace

Slittin’ on the dock ...

Annually, Glamorgan County Cricket Club head to the tourist-heavy northern shore of Wales and hang their hats at grassroots club Colwyn Bay. This year,...

in Cricket - on 10/11/17

shredded grass leaves photo original

Functioning healthy soil?

How do fertiliser applications with high salt indices affect soil microbiology? It is perhaps a question that many turf managers will have asked. We all...

in Technical - on 8/11/17