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Clitocybe rivulosa(Wiki)

Beware the Fool’s Funnel

Reports of a puppy becoming ill in Oxfordshire after consuming the fungi Fool’s Funnel have sparked warnings of the dangers of this innocuous looking...

in Golf - on 6/11/17

Paskett strimming

Battery powered equipment

Battery powered equipment has emerged as a force to be reckoned with. Sceptics have been overcome and lithium-ion now sits among electric and petrol in...

in Machinery & Mechanics - on 6/11/17

PA1PA6A Carol

Safe Use of Pesticides

Plant protection and pest control products need to be used legally, safely and competently. If your job involves applying pesticides in a commercial role...

in Training & Education - on 5/11/17


Q&A with Peter Flewitt

Peter Flewitt - a kind perfectionist, unless you ask him to clean anything!

in People - on 3/11/17

PeteFlewitt Main

A Leaf History of Pine

When Pete Flewitt, Head of Gardens and Grounds at Trent College, sends his team for their morning rounds, it’s very often to blow or collect leaves....

in People - on 3/11/17


Overseas online training

Do you live beyond the UK but need some Turf Maintenance Training? Then we’ve just the course for you!

in Training & Education - on 2/11/17


What would YOU do?

In the concluding part of this article, Frank Newberry looks at why people do personal jobs at work and suggests fifteen different ways we can tackle the...

in Consultancy - on 1/11/17

DaveSaltman Oldham Landscape

Change your mindset

The past few weeks has seen a plethora of turfcare professionals thrust into the limelight. Some sought publicity, others did not

in Editorial - on 30/10/17