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Dead wood is dead good

There’s a saying amongst ecologists and entomologists that ‘dead wood is dead good’, which refers to the importance to wildlife placed on seemingly...

in Conservation & Ecology - on 21/8/20


Coming full circle

It is quite rare that life goes full circle. Even more rare is a career in Greenkeeping that begins by jumping on a one-way flight to Australia with a...

in Golf - on 12/8/20

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Same but different!

In the worlds of turf maintenance and sport, some things are different, and others are the same. The ultimate aim is to produce the best surface possible...

in Football - on 10/8/20


Total cost of ownership

In this article, Reesink Turfcare’s Service Manager Lee Rowbotham says that total cost of ownership (TCO) is a vital part of the decision-making process...

in Machinery & Mechanics - on 5/8/20


Q&A with Mark Crossley

Mark Crossley - a classic daftest question and he doesn’t like snakes

in Golf - on 3/8/20


Prestbury Golf Club

Prestbury Golf Club is located in beautiful Cheshire countryside and is one of the select few golf courses in the British Isles to bear the architectural...

in Golf - on 3/8/20


Passing down the skills

It’s had a long innings and moved a few times over the years but Holywood Cricket Club sure excels in the sport. Chris McCullough speaks to main groundsman...

in Cricket - on 29/7/20


Batteries: the basics

Vince Brauns, European Product Manager at cordless outdoor power equipment specialist EGO Power Plus, explains the evolution of battery technology, the...

in Technical - on 27/7/20

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Football lockdown!

The impact of COVID-19 on sport across the world has been unprecedented. Almost every league in the world has been shut down, major tournaments have been...

in Football - on 22/7/20

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Glyphosate controversy

There’s no doubt that there has been controversy around glyphosate, and its use in the public sector. However, the active ingredient has been around...

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 21/7/20


Sentosa - world's best

Pitchcare were keen to get an insight into ‘The World’s Best Golf Club’; an accolade Sentosa Golf Club won at the World Golf Awards last year. Kerry...

in Golf - on 20/7/20


Q&A with Daniel Connor

Daniel Connor - I think we all wish hangovers would get put into Room 101

in Rugby - on 17/7/20


Stanningley SARLC

Regarded as one of the finest amateur sporting venues in the country, Stanningley Sports and Amateur Rugby League Club is located in the district of Pudsey...

in Rugby - on 17/7/20


Do You Put People Off?

Training Instructor and Conference Speaker Frank Newberry looks at how our interpersonal skills, or lack of, might be putting people off. Our off-putting...

in Consultancy - on 15/7/20


Grounds maintenance input

In this article, Daniel Ratling, BSc Hons. PCert TSC, Head Groundsman at Whitgift School in London, considers plant-soil interactions and how we turf managers...

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 13/7/20


Coronavirus: the impact

Our journey navigating the last few months has seen us having to overcome massive challenges, alter our methods to fit a changing picture and, ultimately,...

in Tennis - on 10/7/20

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The ‘new normal'

Equestrian sports have been as hard hit as any with major championships cancelled and racing and polo seasons put on hold. But turfcare regimes have continued...

in Equestrian - on 8/7/20

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Spitfires grounded

Cricket is our summer game; just not this summer. The frustration is most apparent at county level, where all 18 clubs are without income, yet having to...

in Cricket - on 6/7/20


Mental health issues

“You cannot put 30kg of fertiliser in a 20kg bag. Sooner or later it is going to spill out. I just did not know how much of a mess it was going to make.”...

in Football - on 3/7/20

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With the sale of Maxwell Amenity to Agrovista UK Ltd, the company’s former Managing Director, Dave Saltman, has now handed over the reins. Friend and...

in People - on 29/6/20