0 PCA International Invasive Weed Conference

Japanese Knotweed Specialists is pleased to announce Adam Brindle as the chairman for this year's PCA International Invasive Weed Conference. This edition of the annual conference promises to be an exciting and innovation-fuelled experience addressing many of the critical issues that affect this pressing concern in the UK.

The 2016 PCA International Invasive Weed Conference was designed around three major themes-Risk, Roots, and Research-and was incredibly insightful regarding physio-chemical control strategies for non-native species as well as the legal landscape surrounding the managing and controlling of invasive species.

The eradication of Japanese knotweed is a key topic for property owners and managers within the UK, so the focus of the conference has been very well received. From cutting-edge knotweed treatments to presentations and discussions with Japanese knotweed removal companies, all attendees left with a much deeper understanding of the risks and possible solutions regarding non-native plant species.

While the specific themes for this conference have not been announced, given Adam's role as the owner of Japanese Knotweed Specialists, that subject will almost certainly be highlighted in some way. Adam Brindle brings a significant level of experience and knowledge to the conference as chairman, and we at Japanese Knotweed Specialists are proud to announce his acceptance of the position.

At the conference, there will also be various panel discussions and a debate forum as well as a variety of other speakers on related topics. This annual PCA conference provides one of the best networking opportunities of the year for professionals working in related fields.

The Property Care Association is a trade association for professionals involved in handling or addressing problems that affect buildings. Becoming a member of the trade association requires a solid reputation and proven ability to resolve problems related to property issues. The PCA represents a wide range of professionals given that property defects range from insect infestations and structural defects to invasive weeds and HVAC design.

Adam Brindle has been the owner and managing director of the Groundscare Group, Japanese Knotweed Specialists, and UK Gritting Services for nearly a decade, overseeing large-scale operations across the city of London. His focus on technology and innovation in various fields has led to his success and reputation within the industry and is what led to his nomination as the chairman of the upcoming conference.

More information on the upcoming 2017 PCA International Invasive Weed Conference will be available in the coming months.

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