0 Pedestrian greens sweeper proves ideal for cleaning / renovating synthetic tees

Worcestershire GC SQRL 1.jpgAn important new application has been found for Turfmech's SQRL walk-behind green sweeper, launched by the company in summer 2007.

Extending the SQRL's primary function of collecting and removing hollow cores, scarified material and other debris from fine turf is the ability to pick up soil and vegetation from synthetic golf and practice tees to leave a clean and neatly groomed surface.

The SQRL's additional capabilities were uncovered by Graeme Clarkson, head greenkeeper at the Worcestershire Golf Club, an 18-hole parkland course laid out in the lee of the Malvern Hills.

"We purchased the SQRL originally to mechanise greens' clean-up after the Graden scarifier-aerator had done its work," explained Graeme. "Used for the first time last autumn, the SQRL did a first-class job, saving us a great deal of time and effort in getting the greens quickly back into play. When the work was completed, the machine was put away with no thought that it would be back in action again within six weeks."Worcestershire GC SQRL 2.jpg

The synthetic surfaces benefiting from SQRL treatments are winter tees installed in mid 2007 on the club's three par-3 holes. Commissioned by the Worcestershire to help take the pressure off natural grass, the tees were constructed using a high quality all-weather turf with a high fibre density able to accept a tee peg without the need for a filler.

Brought into play in late October, the tees were starting to suffer from a build-up of mud and grass clippings being walked onto the surface by golfers during periods of wet and frosty weather.

"The staff did their best to clean the surface with a hard brush and back-pack blower, but the appearance of the tees was starting to draw adverse comments from members," commented Graeme. "The club was on the point of asking the supplier for advice when I suggested using the SQRL to clean-up and refurbish the pile. The results were superb, with each tee being restored to an as-new finish in less than 10 minutes."
Worcestershire GC SQRL 3.jpg
With the SQRL's powered collection brush set to lightly touch the surface, the machine is steered across the tee picking up stray material cleanly and depositing it into the machine's on-board hopper. The action of the brush not only removes virtually all mud and vegetation but it helps lift the fibres for the benefit of golfers striking the ball off the surface or from a tee peg pushed into the pile.

"The club is delighted with the results for two reasons," pointed out Graeme. "First, we are now able to keep our three winter tees looking and playing at their best with minimal effort and, second, we are extracting additional use and value from a machine that was bought initially with just one purpose in mind. This should make the SQRL an even more attractive and valuable proposition for any golf course with artificial tees and practice areas to maintain."

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