0 Pitch damage commences

Pitch damage commences

by Editor

Pre match warm ups
Post match warm downs
Goalkeeping drills and exercises

Who are the worst for thoughtlessly damaging your pitch?
Who ignores your requests to keep out of the goalmouths?
Which teams/managers/coaches are the worst culprits?

Let us know and we will set up the Pitchcare league table naming and shaming the offenders. If you can get any photos, even better. Send them in and we will put them on the site.

At the end of last season we made representation to the Football League about the problem, even referring to a referee who had a habit of doing an extensive warm up on one area of the pitch. The response quite clearly put responsibility for deciding where warm ups are held on you - the groundsman. I quote, " the groundsman should initially seek some agreement with their own manager and then to mark off those areas that are 'off limits' pre-match, goal areas are one such area that receives excessive us.......we feel that the groundsman must be responsible for the warm ups to be conducted in the best possible areas."

The Nationwide season starts on Saturday with the Premier League the week after. As we all know, any damage in the early part of the season will exacerbate problems for later on.

Keep your eyes open and keep us informed.

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