2 Pitchcare licensed Down Under

Pitchcare members in Australia and New Zealand will now have access to their own Pitchcare website.

Pitchcare Oceania has been set up under licence and is now live. Incorporating all the features of the main website, it will provide the same range of services, advice and information, focusing on the issues relating to the turfcare industry in that particular part of the world.

Heading up Pitchcare Oceania is Rob Jenkins, who has returned home to Melbourne. Rob trained as a greenkeeper in Australia and, for the past two years, has been working in the UK with Campey Turfcare, "It was during my time with Campeys that I met Dave Saltman who I managed to persuade to allow me to take his successful UK venture of Pitchcare back to Australia. The site is the same as UK Pitchcare, it's free to join and will have all the successful elements, but geared, of course, to the Australian and New Zealand market. The site's a little bare at the moment, as it's only a few days old, but we'll get there."

Pitchare MD, Dave Saltman, said "It is something we have been working towards for some time. We have a lot of members in Australia and New Zealand, and there was a clear need to provide them with a similar service to the one being received by their UK and European counterparts. They have their own problems to deal with and will benefit more from interacting with colleagues in their own countries and states who are experiencing similar difficulties."

"We will also be sharing news and information between the two websites, creating an even wider database of knowledge and experiences which, in the long term, can only be to the benefit of the turfcare industry as a whole."

Pitchcare Oceania can be accessed at www.pitchcare.com.au


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