1 Power & Reliability make Kubota STV40 Tractor a force top be reckoned with on Broadstone Estate

picture ALvnMIn days gone by, maintaining a 600 acre estate would have taken umpteen horses and farm hands, but today Broadstone Manor's owner, Bill Kayley, relies solely on one man and his machine; Mick Parish and his Kubota mid-range tractor.

Estate Manager & Groundsman, Mick Parish, uses a Kubota STV40 tractor to manage the Oxfordshire estate thanks to its ability to deliver hard working and reliable service - day in and day out.

Mick is solely responsible for the upkeep of the estate's grounds and livestock on the farm, as well as the garden maintenance throughout. As a result, he uses the 40hp machine to undertake a wealth of different tasks on an almost daily basis.

He purchased the machine from local Kubota dealer Sims Garden Machinery who advised that its power, versatility and efficiency, combined with its speed, agility and comfort would be perfect for his needs. The STV40 features a Kubota ETVCS water cooled engine, together with HST Transmission, Bi-Speed turn and twin wet type brakes. As a result, this lightweight machine is easy to use over virtually any terrain and can be fitted with a wide variety of different attachments.

When fitted with a front loader, Mick uses the STV40 to move the 60 tonnes of mulch onto the estate's extensive flowerbeds, but by simply attaching a cutting deck to the back he can use the same machine to cut all the long grass around the estate. Added to this the PTO can drive a flail and wood chipper.

Like any long established estate, there are lots of mature trees and woodlands on Broadstone Manor Estate, so in the autumn, Mick uses the Kubota STV40 to clear up leaf fall, particularly on the main drive and along the miles of pathways.

"The tractor is well used and works really hard for us," said Mick. "We have eight miles of pathways around the estate and it tackles everything from grass cutting to leaf clearing with no problem at all."

But, explains Mick, it's in winter when the STV40 really proves its worth to other users of the estate. "When it snows, we put a bucket onto the front to clear the main drive. And with three separate businesses employing more than 30 people based here, it's essential the estate is always open whatever the weather."

Kubota designed the STV Series to outperform tractors twice its size and Mick says it shows: "The size and power are just right for what we need, I prefer the Kubota over other manufacturer's tractors that we've had in the past - it's far more reliable and a much better tractor to drive."

"What's more, it's so powerful that it's even towed a 100hp tractor that had broken down!"

However power isn't everything. With 700 acres to maintain, Mick uses the tractor virtually every day so downtime due to breakdown and repairs would be a real problem - but says Mick, this isn't an issue with the Kubota.

"I ran the last Kubota for over eight years and I never had a problem other than general wear and tear - nothing ever went wrong with it."

"Dave Smith at Sims is very responsive and he sends his excellent technician Chris Callow whenever I need any maintenance. It's also important that I have a dealer right here on the doorstep because we need to have same day service or we can't get on with the jobs we need to do."

Kubota machines have a legendary reputation for quality, performance, reliability, ease of operation and outstanding value-for-money, and a national network of Kubota tractor and groundcare dealers, sch as Sims Garden Machinery, provides the highest standards of advice and after-sales service.

For more information about Kubota's market leading compact tractors, ride-on mowers, and their class-leading RTV900 all-terrain utility vehicle, together with details of your local dealer, contact Kubota Tractor & Groundcare Division Tel: 0800 023 1111/ROI: 1 800 848 000 Email: sales@kubota.co.uk or visit www.kubota.co.uk.

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