0 Power boost for Professional Ride-on Mowers with grass collection

Power boost for Professional Ride-on Mowers with grass collection

Designed for professionals who earn their living primarily from cutting grass, Kubota's new G21-PRO and G21HD-PRO diesel ride-on mid mowers supersede the highly successful G18 and G18HD models launched by the company in the UK and Ireland in 1999. In both cases, the HD suffix signifies a high-dump grass collection option.

The principal differences between the new G21-PRO mowers and their predecessors are a boost in engine power from 18hp to 21hp, the fitting of upgraded 1.22m (48in) PRO cutter decks and the inclusion as standard of an adjustable high-back seat with parallel linkage suspension.

Both the G21-PRO and G21HD-PRO retain the unique Glide Cut grass cutting and collection system first introduced by Kubota on its G18 mower six years ago. Heralded as the world's first triple-bladed through-cut mowing system with integral rear-mounted grass collector, Glide Cut features a rear discharge cutting deck that both cuts and collects the grass, channelling all cuttings rearwards into an integral grass catcher. The hydraulically-tipped catcher is available in both standard and high-dump (HD) versions, the latter having a maximum tipping height of 1.75m (69in).

Because there are no ducts or pipes extruding from either side of the mower, the overall width of the G21-PRO and G21HD-PRO is just 1.28m (51in), allowing the machines to access confined spaces while being able to execute tight turns in either direction. This latter ability is enhanced by Kubota's electronically-controlled, speed sensitive power steering which produces a minimum turning radius of 2.05m (81in).

Commercial users of the G21-PRO and H21HD-PRO will appreciate the new upgraded PRO cutter deck which offers cleaner cutting and collection than its predecessor thanks to increased internal suction which helps prevent the grass from being flattened prior to cutting. A reduction in clearance between the cutting blades and vacuum plate has enhanced also the rearward movement of clippings into the collector. The deck also incorporates two water hose connection points for easy cleaning.

Other performance-enhancing features of the two new models include shaft-driven cutter deck and hydrostatic transmission, a maximum travel speed of 9.5mph, hydraulic mower lift and one-touch cutting height adjustment from 25mm to 100mm (1in - 4in) using a dial positioned conveniently behind the driver's legs.

Equipped with a full flat operating deck for maximum legroom and operating comfort, the G21-PRO and G21HD-PRO will cut the toughest commercial mowing jobs down to size while providing also fast, thorough collection and easy disposal of the cut grass.

Prices of the G21-PRO and G21HD-PRO start at £ 7,800 (plus VAT) with demonstrations available now from appointed Kubota dealers throughout the UK and Ireland. For further information on the two new mowers, please call Kubota's enquiry hotline on 01844 268111,

e-mail info@kubota.co.uk or visit the Kubota (U. K.) Limited website at www.kubota.co.uk

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