0 Pre-season Mower Checks

Coming up to cutting season we have a short guide to make sure your mowers are as ready as you are!

There is nothing worse than finding your mowers are not ready or have not been serviced for the new season. Poorly maintained mowers will always come back to haunt you. Mechanical breakdown is common and will cause a lot of unwanted stress for managers and staff.

Engine Oil is a major factor effecting engine performance and service life. Be sure to use manufacturers recommended oil and ensure the oil is changed regularly as stated in the machine manual instructions. Check engine oil with machine on a level surface:

To enable you to keep up with servicing and maintenance of your mowers, it is valuable if you can log and record all maintenance and service works completed on machinery. It enables you to plan machine services and oil changes.

  • Remove filler cap and check oil levels
  • If level is low fill up, using the check level on the dip stick springoildipstick copy.jpg
  • Check oil cleaner for dirt or obstruction, clean element with soft brush if required
  • Check fuel level and top up with fresh fuel.
  • Never use an oil/dirty fuel can (dirt and grit causes engine damage)
  • Avoid getting dirt, dust or water in fuel tank
  • When first starting engine avoid opening throttle fully to prevent over revving of the engine, remembering the engine has been standing for a few months
  • Warm up engine on slow tick over
  • Check cutting blades can rotate freely
  • Apply lubrication on blades and rotate manually before usage

It's worth spending the time to inspect and maintain mower engines particularly in respect of engine oil and fuel. Mowers work better with properly maintained engines.

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