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simon The success of over seeding turf this spring could be improved by using Primo MAXX to hold back competition from the existing sward, according to Simon Barnaby of Syngenta.

Many turf managers will be opting for spring over seeding to repair the damage from last summer's drought and the ravages of over-winter use. Their success rate could be significantly improved with the use of Primo MAXX to reduce competition from the existing sward.

"Competition from an existing sward for light and moisture can make it difficult to achieve even germination and hinder the new seeds' development," according to Syngenta Professional Products Technical Manager, Simon Barnaby. "Primo MAXX can help improve the conditions for germinating seeds and success of the over seeding programme."

Spring over seeding also offers the chance to supplement existing turf swards with a proportion of more drought resistant varieties, which could better withstand dry periods this summer. "The recent prolonged period of very dry weather in many areas could compromise the success of over seeding on unirrigated turf, where reducing competition will be even more important," he adds.

He advises an application of Primo MAXX four to six days before any planned over seeding operation will effectively slow existing 'top growth' through the crucial germination stage, for just long enough to allow over sown seed to quickly germinate and establish without competition from the existing sward. "Primo MAXX has no negative effect on seed germination and plant development.

"In fact, subsequent applications in Primo MAXX programme - typically four to six weeks later - will serve to further encourage the new turf growth to produce more roots and more lateral growth, filling gaps and creating a denser sward."

Mr Barnaby advocates that promoting deep rooting with Primo MAXX application will enable plants to establish strongly and scavenge for both nutrients and water more effectively. "It will improve drought tolerance, wear resistance and ensure faster recovery of the new plants, which could prove vitally important in another long hot summer if irrigation is restricted," he adds.

Further benefits users of Primo MAXX have reported include being able to raise the cutting height on greens to relive stress and reduce disease pressure, with improved sward density and consistency of the playing surface, reduced risk of scalping during mowing and no negative effect on green speed. "Reduced incidence of Anthracnose on Primo MAXX treated greens was also noted by a number of course managers last year," adds Mr Barnaby.

However, he highlights it remains essential that other key criteria for over seeding are right, including ensuring sufficient soil temperature, moisture, achieving good seed to soil contact and appropriate seed variety selection.

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