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wet green

I pity the poor greenkeepers who are faced with having to spend valuable time, money and resources repairing and re facing their bunkers after recent heavy rain. Flash floods also caused many other disruptions to courses. Path surfaces can be washed away, banks can subside, buildings and adjacent property can become flooded.

wet bunker

In some cases clubs have closed the course to prevent unwanted damage or risk to golfers. Fixtures / games may have to be cancelled or the worst case senario a game has been played resulting in damage to the playing surfaces.

It would be interesting to put a cost on these disruptions and the physical damage that results from these adverse weather fronts.

Many Cricket and bowls clubs are now in the midst of their end of season renovations, the last thing they wanted was a heavy down pour to ruin or delay their work.

In certain parts of the country the rain has been welcomed, providing some much needed water for refilling reservoirs and lakes while at the same time saturating the soil profile.

wet pathHow has the recent rain affected you?

What disruptions or costs have you incurred at your facility?

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