0 Ransomes Jacobsen Provide Mower for Ghanain School

Ransomes Jacobsen Provide Mower for Ghanain School

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It might appear to be a simple gesture from a multi-national organisation, but the enthusiasm and effusiveness of the thanks from the school in Ghana which received a donated rotary mower to maintain their sports field, was humbling indeed.

It all began when Rupert Price, Commercial Manager at Ransomes Jacobsen, one of the leading manufacturers of golf course and commercial grounds care equipment, was approached by Oakfield Primary School in Rugby, Warwickshire.

Ronnie Carvell, a teacher at the school, asked if the company could donate a mower as part of the School's Link programme, established to assist schools in Ghana with support in the form of teaching and the procurement of much needed equipment.pampawie2_400.jpg

A couple of phone calls later and Rupert 'found' a Ransomes Bobcat walk-behind rotary mower that appeared to fit the bill perfectly. Oakfield gratefully accepted the machine and it was shipped to Ghana, to coincide with the arrival of Ronnie Carvell, who was running a summer school in Pampawie.

She takes up the story,
"It was very interesting extracting the mower from the docks, what with the red tape and the need to 'give a dash' (tip) to almost every minor official involved with its release. However, we eventually got it back to the village at around midnight and next morning at first light we were woken by a barrage of noise and a huge crowd of people surrounding the pick-up truck.

"The mower was presented to the Chief amid much banging of drums, dancing and there were wild celebrations because this wonderful machine had come to their village. The men of the village were especially interested, all wanting to touch it and when we explained the safety issues and told them not to wear open-toed sandals when using the machine, they all took off their flip flops and stood barefoot waiting in line for their go! We finally got it going and it did a superb job of cutting the playing field and the children were leaping around and all the men had a go. It was mayhem!"

On her return to the UK, Ronnie Carvell brought back a letter of thanks from Agnes Obour, the Link Co-ordinator in Ghana. It sums up the gratitude of the people and the joy this simple gesture created.


The transcript follows:

Pampawie RC/LA Primary School
PO Box 12

Dear Sir

Letter of Gratitude

On behalf of the Pampawie School, the Headmaster and Members of Staff, the Chief and Elders, the Queen Mother and her Elders, the youth, the entire community and on my own behalf, I want to congratulate you very, very much for your kind gesture.

We appreciate your efforts so much and we pray to the Almighty God to assist you in all your programmes and projects so that you can continue to help us should we ask again for your support.

Thank you very much and may the Almighty God richly bless you.

Yours faithfully

Agnes Obour, Link Co-ordinator

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