0 Ransomes launch new MP653 XC: The world’s first batwing mower with a 4.27-metre cutting width

MP653XC ¾The Ransomes MP653 XC is the world's first and only wide area rotary mower with a 4.27m (14 foot) cutting width, increasing productivity by up to 25% (up to 1 hectare per hour more) over traditional 3.4m (11 foot) mowers. Designed and manufactured at Ransomes Jacobsen's European headquarters in Ipswich, the MP Series is primarily targeted at the municipal sector, and provides multiple options from a single design platform.

The initial two machines in the MP Series were the Ransomes MP493 and MP653, wide-area rotary mowers powered by 49hp and 65hp Kubota diesel engines and featuring three all-new rotary decks - one out-front and two wing decks.

In June 2015, the next two machines were launched using the same operator platform but with five cylinder cutting units instead of rotary decks. The Ransomes MP495 and MP655 are replacements for the Ransomes Commander, the stalwart of municipal wide-area cylinder mowers, first introduced back in 1993.

The Ransomes MP653 XC is the largest in the MP Series of wide area rotary mowers and is powered by a 65hp Kubota diesel engine. Using the same proven powertrain, hydraulics, and platform, the decks and cutting systems have been upgraded to achieve this new 4.27 cutting width. It will deliver a zero uncut circle for effortless back-and-forth mowing and manoeuvring around tight obstacles.

The use of lightweight, high-strength steel results in a significant reduction in gross weight , which contributes to greater fuel savings, a reduction in trailer weight requirements and reduced ground pressure.

The Ransomes MP653 XC again features the popular AdaptiCut system, which automatically adjusts mow speed to ensure consistent cut performance, even when mowing through thick grass.

The outer decks fold up for transportation, whilst still providing excellent sideways visibility for the operator when driving on the road, and distributes weight for improved stability and ride quality. The ergonomic design provides an impressive transport width of just 1.67 metres. All units are held in place for transport with an electrically-operated fail-safe locking system.

MP653XC frontThe high specification operator station, common to the MP series, is fully adjustable to keep operators of all sizes comfortable ensuring productive days mowing. The controls are common to the other Ransomes ride-on mowers - Highway 3, Parkway 3, HR300 and MP493/MP653 wide area rotary mowers, making it simple for operators to transfer between machines in multiple fleet applications.

The InCommand control system provides on-board diagnostics for quick and easy troubleshooting and displays maintenance reminders on-screen to ensure that service schedules are adhered to, reducing downtime and getting maximum productivity from the machine. Mowing speed and transport speeds can also be adjusted and set using a password code providing peace of mind for contract manager and fleet manager.

Everyday maintenance and servicing has been made as simple as possible with easy access to the fuel and hydraulic oil reservoirs, which reduces the possibility of fuel and oil spillages and also provides easy viewing of the hydraulic oil level. Quick-release side panels provide instant access to all major service items, which encourages maintenance schedules to be followed and not ignored due to inaccessibility.

As with all of the MP series, the Ransomes MP653 XC features the SureTrac traction control system, which automatically transfers power from a slipping front wheel to the opposite rear wheel, ensuring superior control when hill climbing or working on side slopes. It also features 4-wheel drive in reverse, which improves traction when reversing uphill. For additional safety, the optional TST tilt control system can be fitted; it emits audible warnings when an operator exceeds the mowers maximum working angle and eventually shuts down the mowing process if the persistent warnings are ignored.

Lee Kristensen, Ransomes Jacobsen's Product Manager said, "The MP series, first launched in 2014, has been hugely successful, both here in the UK and especially in Europe. Now, with the latest addition to the MP series, we have continued to provide both productivity and practicality. The Ransomes brand is synonymous with quality and innovation, so we are delighted to produce another 'world's first' in the form of the MP653 XC."

"The engineering teams really pushed the boundaries with smart weight savings and efficient systems that have allowed us to move this platform up to the next level of productivity. All this has been done while maintaining a very agile platform. It's created a unique mower - the likes of which hasn't been seen before; a mower that is equally at home trimming around park furniture or mowing vast open spaces with equal efficiency."

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