0 Recent Drought harbours hidden threat


By Carol Dutton

The drought, currently gripping East Anglia, (as reported by Dr. Upson of Cambridge University, on regional television), could be concealing soil compaction problems which will erupt, with dire consequences, come the first rainfall.

Lynda Green, director of Terrain Aeration, a company specialising in the deep aeration of gardens, sports fields and ancient trees, and based in Stowmarket, Suffolk, says that compacted areas should be treated now, before rain arrives to ensure that the soil can absorb water around the root zones of turf and trees.

"Compaction panning has not gone away, it is just the lack of rainfall that's failing to highlight the problem areas," she explains. "If these areas continue to be neglected, future rainfall, will not percolate the soil, and lie as surface water which quickly induces anaerobic conditions, lethal to plant growth. As all plant roots need both air and water to survive, I urge gardeners, greenkeepers and Groundsmen who know they have compacted areas within their jurisdiction to act now."

The company, operate a deep aeration service using their specialist machine "Airforce" which creates underground fissures by injecting compressed air through a probe, to a depth of one metre.

"The sudden release of air pressure fractures and fissures the soil along existing fracture lines as well as creating new ones," says Lynda. "The soil is lifted when the cracks reach the surface, but settles almost immediately."

Dried, milled seaweed is injected on the end of the final air blast, which, as well as providing nutrients, swells on contact with moisture, keeping the fissures (i.e. the air supply) open.

Once treated, the process (on sports fields and gardens) should not need to be repeated for a minimum of five years. Ancient trees should only need treating once in a human lifetime.

For further information on deep aeration treatment, contact Lynda on Tel: 01449 673783.
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