4 Revolutionary Reel Mower

Revolutionary Reel Mower


A revolutionary laser-guided mowing machine able to work totally on its own and create virtually any geometric pattern across sports turf has been launched by Gloucestershire engineering company, McMurtry Ltd.

Known as the MAS Mower 01, the electrically-powered machine combines a conventional 950mm (36in) wide, six-bladed cutting cylinder with an advanced laser-guided, computer-controlled steering system which can be pre-programmed to follow any required mowing path across the turf with a high level of accuracy.

To enhance its ability to cut grass without an operator being present, the mower incorporates fully-automatic emptying of its 65 litre high-tip grass collector and a host of safety features designed to allow totally unattended operation without concern.

The mower's guidance system comprises a long range, eye-safe rotating laser scanner mounted on top of the machine which operates in conjunction with a series of reflectors positioned around the area being mown. On-board micro-processors linked to the laser continuously calculate the mower's position on the pitch, adjusting the steering to keep the machine moving along its pre-programmed path.

Standard on-board safety features include ultrasonic obstacle detection, soft bumpers front and rear, a warning sounder, flashing beacon, operator presence manual over-ride and three emergency stop buttons.

Developed by brothers Richard and Ben McMurtry, MAS Mower 01 is now being made available by McMurtry Ltd for demonstrations and evaluation by grounds and stadium managers throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland and mainland Europe. Comprehensive training in the programming, control and operation of the mower is provided to everyone who evaluates or purchases the mower, with full after-sales factory support guaranteed for the life of the machine.


"It also makes a superb job of cutting and striping sports turf. The mower's computer program allows an almost infinite variety of attractive patterns to be created across the grass, as required, without the need for a tape measure, twine or guide poles."

Powered entirely by rechargeable batteries and 48 volt electric motors, MAS Mower 01 can operate for more than four hours unattended - with no exhaust emissions and at very low sound levels. At an average mowing speed of 3.2km/hr (2mph), the machine can cover around 10,000 sq metres (2.5 acres) before it needs recharging.

British developed with worldwide patents applied for, MAS Mower 01 has a retail price in the region of £40,000.

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