0 Ride-on lawnmowers 'injure thousands every year'

Using a ride-on mower to cut the grass might save energy but they land thousands of people in hospital every year, experts have warned.

Over five years some 66,000 Americans ended up in emergency departments with injuries caused by lawn tractors, reports the Journal of Safety Research. While many suffered bruises or sprains, some of the injured suffered broken bones and amputations. Six people died.

Most cases resulted from moving mowers or machines flipping over.

Flying debris

Nearly 100 of the injured were run over by a mower - some were children who had been sitting on the driver's lap and had fallen off. Men made up the bulk of casualties, and most were aged 40 or older.

Best estimates for the UK suggest around 6,500 are hurt every year by lawnmowers, either hand-pushed or ride-ons. In the past 12 months, 530 people had to be admitted for hospital treatment in England alone.

It is also best not to have children around when cutting the grass and to wear strong shoes and trousers rather than shorts and sandals when mowing.

Source & More: news.bbc.co.uk
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