0 Rigby Taylor launch new Wetting Agent

Rigby Taylor launch new Wetting Agent

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Breaker Triple contains three active components to prevent and cure Dry Patch. The advanced wetting and spreading agent improves water coverage through the water repellent surface, the new and unique soil penetrant enables the product to move deep into the rootzone rather than just at the surface layer. The advanced re-wetting agent allows the soil to be re wet and provides a long lasting effect. This Complete Immersion Technology enables the whole soil profile to be treated, converting a totally water repellent soil to a water receptive soil.

Breaker Triple is effective both as a preventative and curative treatment. It is available in a liquid formulation (for use in either a programme or a single application regime) and as a granule or tablet to give total flexibility of use, along with a newly designed applicator gun for applying the tablet.

For further information please call Freephone 0800424919 visit web site at http://www.rigbytaylor.com/turf/products/specialities/BreakerTriple/breakertriple-brochureframeset.html

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