0 Robotic Mower frees up time for Sport and Leisure

Robotic Mower frees up time for Sport and Leisure

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Keen amateur golfer, Allan Brown, has noticed a marked improvement in his game since the arrival of a Bigmow fully-automatic robotic mower in his garden during May.

Supplied and installed by Hixon, Staffordshire firm, Turfmech, Bigmow has been programmed to work around the clock on the one-and-a-half acres of lawn behind the Browns' family home, cutting at a stroke more than four hours off Allan's weekly mowing schedule. The result? Allan is able to devote more time to playing golf - and to reducing his handicap

Judging by the improvement seen in the first few weeks of Bigmow ownership, Allan reckons he could shave six strokes off his handicap by this time next year.

In addition to freeing up more time for summer sport and leisure, Bigmow has eliminated also the need to collect and compost grass clippings - a chore which created a major headache for Allan in 2004.

"Quite simply, I was running out of places to dispose of the cut grass," he explained. "Using Bigmow to trim the grass little but often means that the clippings remain as very fine particles which can be safely returned to the lawn to break down naturally," explained Allan. "As a bonus, the nitrogen in the clippings is helping to improve the health and vigour of the grass, removing the need for fertiliser treatments."

Previously cut using a sit-on garden mower, the Browns' lawn has seen a dramatic boost in condition and appearance since the arrival of Bigmow, according to Allan. "The combination of small blades and floating cutting heads enables the Bigmow to cope with contours and undulations far better than our previous sit-on mower," he said. "The grass has never looked so good."

Powered by rechargeable dry-cell batteries, Bigmow works quietly all day and all night without pollution or supervision, even returning automatically to its charging station when the on-board computer senses that battery power is running low. Some two hours later, with the batteries recharged, Bigmow sets off again on a new mowing cycle.Brown-Bigmow-2.jpg

Keeping Bigmow within the required mowing area is a low voltage wire, buried at a depth of 4in (100mm) around the perimeter of the Browns' lawn. When the buried wire is detected by the machine's electronic control system, Bigmow turns itself around automatically and sets off in a new mowing direction. Obstacles within the mowing area are no problem either thanks to Bigmow's in-built sonar which slows down the machine before reversing and steering around the object.

"When I saw Bigmow working for the first time near Stafford on the demonstration lawn of supplier, Turfmech, it took me less than 30 seconds to decide to place an order," pointed out Allan. "It was not a difficult decision. The machine works without supervision around the clock, eliminates the need to collect and compost clippings and gives me more time to play golf and for relaxation with the family. It's a brilliant piece of kit."

Photographs :-

1. Keen golfer, Allan Brown, and his 10-year-old son, Jonathon, practice their golf shots while Bigmow looks after the grass.

2. Robot mower, Bigmow, keeps the grass in trim while the Brown family enjoys a summer barbeque.

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