0 Rolawn Blended Loam used in school allotments to replace existing contaminated soil

ROLAWN-BLENDED-LOAM-A-SAFE-.jpgRolawn, Europe's largest turf grower and leading supplier of safe, quality topsoil have recently donated their Blended Loam to Balornock Primary School near Glasgow to replace contaminated soil on their allotments.

The school have two allotments and over the last 18 months have been raising funds to make the allotments a safe and exciting learning environment for the children. They have also made a point of involving different community groups, as one of the main aims of the project is to help children become active members of the community and prepare them to be responsible citizens of the future.

Phyllis Harley, Head Teacher commented "The preparatory work on the allotments has now been done and thanks to Rolawn's kind donation of Blended Loam topsoil the children have over the last few weeks been busy planting.

The contractors who levelled the allotments and made the raised beds put the contaminated soil back and this made it unsafe for the children. At that time the school had insufficient funds to purchase new topsoil and contacted Rolawn to ask for help.

We ultimately hope that we will foster an interest in gardening, healthy eating and also help our children take a pride in their community. Hopefully in doing this, we should give our children a sense of purpose and that they be more socially aware in their teenage years."

Rolawn Blended Loam is SAFE and recycled from prime arable land. It is certified as low in PTE's (Potentially Toxic Elements)and free of 'sharps (no glass or plastic). It is also highly fertile and supports early establishment. Available all year nationwide.

Rolawn Blended Loam is on sale in the Pitchcare Store.

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