0 Rolawn expand Haulage Operation

RolawnDue to increasing levels of business, Rolawn, Europe's largest turf supplier and leading topsoil supplier have expanded their haulage operation.

Following recent negotiations Rolawn have reached an agreement on a 3-year contract for the provision of haulage services, with Prestons of Potto. Prestons have worked with Rolawn for many years in a limited capacity and the new contract will result in a significant increase in business between Rolawn and Prestons.

Philip Cuthbert, Rolawn's Commercial Director commented "This is a very important step in increasing the quality and capacity of our nationwide haulage operations. The contract defines the levels of commitment that Prestons are to provide and it contains a service level agreement that sets performance standards".

Richard Preston & Son, generally known as Prestons of Potto, are an independent family owned haulage contractor based in North Yorkshire operating 220 vehicles.

Image: Philip Cuthbert (left) and David Preston

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