0 Rolawn Topsoil selected by RHS Harlow Carr

RHS-HARLOW-CARR-GARDENS-HAR.jpg, Europe's largest turf grower and leading topsoil supplier has been selected to supply their Blended Loam™ topsoil to Royal Horticultural Society Garden Harlow Carr, Harrogate, the most northerly of the four RHS gardens.

The Blended Loam™, has been supplied in cubic metre 'tote' bags to enable easy movement around the 58 acre garden for use in a number of different areas.
Matthew Wilson, Curator and Head of Site at Harlow Carr commented "at RHS Garden Harlow Carr we use Rolawn Blended Loam™ for a number of applications. We find it makes an excellent stone and weed free bed on which to lay turf, it's also great for filling raised beds and even for soil improvement in parts of the garden where we want to give plants the best possible start. We are always looking to embrace sustainable practices and reduce inputs, so the fact that a major component in the blend is recycled has great appeal".

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