0 Royal Ascot gives seal of approval to Scotts' Primo Maxx

Royal Ascot gives seal of approval to Scotts' Primo Maxx

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Scotts' revolutionary new liquid turf growth regulator, Primo MAXX, is showing some astounding results in trials being carried out on Royal Ascot Golf Club's new 18-hole course, which was officially opened in May this year.

Course manager Alistair Holehouse has made three applications of Primo MAXX on his greens since the end of April, with limited applications of the product on tees and bunker edges. He explains why he's been trialing the product. "We were looking for a variety of results from Primo MAXX. On greens, we wanted to tighten up the sward, achieve a denser growth, a more consistent green speed, and also slow growth to reduce man-hours through mowing.

"Results have been very impressive and the greens looked superb for our opening in May. The product has also improved wear and tear on greens because it thickens the sward and gives more protection."

Bunker edges on the course are also benefiting from Primo MAXX. "We use a Flymo and shears in these areas and it's been very time consuming in the past. Since applying Primo MAXX we have been able to reduce cutting time by a quarter - from weekly to monthly - which is a huge saving."

And on tees, Primo MAXX has thickened the sward, making it denser, and so more able to survive the winter. "We kept the tees open all last winter, and after applying the product in April they have recovered very well and you wouldn't know they had been played on without a break. Brilliant result," adds Alistair.

Overall, Alistair is a convert to Primo MAXX. "It's a great turf management tool in so many ways. It cuts down on intensive maintenance, which means staff don't have to work additional hours at the weekend mowing anything but the greens. There's no visible growth on other areas of the course over those days.

"With the Scotts product, sward is generally thicker, denser and therefore better protected from the elements and wear and tear, and on greens speed is much more uniform.

"We'll carry on using it now for the foreseeable future - spraying every four weeks on greens and every five to six weeks on tees. And because it's a liquid it's so much easier to handle, another bonus. I would recommend it to any greenkeeper because it's the most useful, effective turf management tool I've used in years."

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Picture caption: The greens at Royal Ascot Golf Club have a thicker sward and more consistent speed thanks to applications of Scotts' Primo MAXX turf growth regulator.

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