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Saltex Industry Review

Next-Generation Tree Diagnosis

Municipalities and private owners can avoid being held liable for damages or accidents caused by their trees thanks to a revolutionary new Tree Health Check Service from Continental Landscapes Ltd.

Recent unfortunate incidents have highlighted the need for local authorities to carry out regular tree inspections. In what is known as the Birmingham Ash Incident, a tree owned by Birmingham City Council failed causing death in 1999. More recently, in January 2003, a Corsican Pine fell and killed an 8-year old girl in a school playground.

Continental Landscapes are able to check a tree's health and stability using a Picus Sonic Tomograph. This revolutionary electronic device can look internally into a tree and produce a computer-generated image of its condition.

Sonic sensors are spaced evenly around a tree's trunk and tapped, producing waves. Since sound is conducted better through sound wood rather than decayed wood, a two-dimensional image can be built up from which decay and cavities may be diagnosed. The process takes just 30 minutes, after which a report is generated for clients advising whether any works are required.

Previous methods of tree diagnosis only inspected small parts of the trunk or caused injuries to the tree. The Technology used by Continental Landscapes allows trees with diameters in excess of two metres to be examined. The process does not damage the tree itself.

The Tree Health check is invaluable wherever old trees may be a liability in public areas.

For further information contact paul.rhys-davies@continental-landscapes.co.uk - Don't forget to tell them you saw their article on Pitchcare.

We will Dye for your Team

A new range of colours is available from T-Leisure for their Rubbascape pathway dressing material. These can be produced in the colours of any sports team such as football and rugby with the colour dyed to suit! Rubbascape is produced is produced from waste tyres and provides a long tern environment benefit to all end users and the public.

The product is seen as an ideal application around pitchside, training ground surrounds and in other sports and amenity locations.

For further information or a full colour leaflet contact sales@t-leisure.com - Don't forget to tell them you saw their article on Pitchcare.

Big Aerator Savings

forker.jpgTallwin Services Ltd are offering their range of Aeroking vertidrainers at highly competitive prices, with some models showing savings of up to £7,000 compared to similar machines. There is also the bonus that all machines are backed by three years warranty and in the event of a breakdown a back-up machine will be supplied until the customers unit is back in service.

The Aeroking is available in various sizes and operators are given a complete introduction session on how to achieve optimum performance.

Tallwin Services Managing Director, Chris Stephenson said: "We specialise in vertidraining equipment and pride ourselves in supplying customers with full after sales service and support. For the operation to be effective the conditions have to be right and the window of opportunity is often very short. By having a machine ready on site eliminates this problem. In the past, many Groundsmen, Greenkeepers and Course Managers have been unable to justify the expense of purchasing a vertidrainer. The cost of an Aeroking redresses this situation and makes owning one of these important pieces of turf maintenance machinery feasible".

For more information contact sales@tallwinservices.com - Don't forget to tell them you saw their article on Pitchcare.

TACTtiles - Leisure Flooring Systems


Made of virgin polypropylene, TACTtiles click together to form a strong seamless surface. Whilst having excellent drainage and good slip resistance the surface is also easy on players' backs and joints. This low maintenance system has a life expectancy of over 15 years and is fully recyclable. TACTtiles are easy ti lay and can be fitted by local labour. However TACTtile provide a design and installation service.

To find our more contact info@tacttiles.com - Don't forget to tell them you saw their article on Pitchcare.

SCH doing things Willy Nilly!


The Sickle mower has a cutting width of 91cm (39") the height of the cut can be varied by means of different slide feet fitted to the cutter bar. This is a very useful feature for those who wish to cut fairly long grass in wild flower meadows. The transmission is by belt and chain powered by a Honda petrol engine. The handles are adjustable for low stress operation with a quick lock device. Many accessories can be obtained for this unit - snow blades, cultivators and collect brush head. SCH are only offering the unit as a sickle mower or a powerful brush with collecting box. The rotary cutter - the Willy Nilly (SCH did not chose the name) is a new lightweight rough cutter. A 55Hp Honda engine powers it. It has two forward speeds and one reverse gear. The drive is by belts and a gear system in an oil bath. The machine can operate as a two-wheel drive. The cutting deck deck is aluminium with a 55cm (22") cutting width. The cutting blade has special serrations in it to improve the cutting performance. The height of the cut is adjustable. The Willy Nilly is a superb unit, which deserves a place in our dealer showrooms.


The front mounted three blade-finishing mower can be used on amenity grass as well as pastures and paddocks. a smart rear mounted powered grass collector gives a good sweep, even in adverse conditions. SCH manufactures a full range if grass care products suitable for mounting on a three-point linkage. Both the 4-wheel drive and two-wheel drive models have water cooled diesel engines. The Steal tractor do not replace or compete with the standard compact range of tractors available in Britain today but are a go between the large garden tractor and compacts, they are a good, well built and designed machine from within the EEC.

Photo: William Rodwell with Neil holmes (left), both from SCH Supplies, at their stand at Saltex 2003.

To find out more contact enquiries@sch-supplies.uk.com - Don't forget to tell them you saw their article on Pitchcare.
Article reproduced from Turf Professional.

GGP launch new front-cut riders

Exciting new additions to the GGP UK Limited range of ride-on Multiclip mowers were unveiled at Saltex Show. Available in yellow Stiga livery and the familiar red of Mountfield these front-cut riders have retail prices normally associated with ordinary garden tractors.

All of the models launched are powered by Briggs & Stratton OHV engines. The range starts with two rear wheel steer models, a 10.5hp version with a manual 5-speed gearbox and a 12.5hp model with hydrostatic transmission. Both are available with an 85cm front mounted Multiclip twin-bladed cutter deck. The combination of rear wheel steer and a front mounted deck makes these machines extremely manoeuvrable with excellent visibility.

The larger Stiga Park Compact and Mountfield 4000 Series models are fully articulated which gives the operator unrivalled control and makes cutting into tight corners, around trees, close to fences, over edges or under bushes child's play. Available as either a 12.5hp 5-speed manual transmission machine or a 15.5hp hydrostatic drive model both are fitted with a 92cm front mounted Multiclip cutter deck.

GGP's patented Multiclip cutting system eliminates grass collection and disposal problems. Clippings are cut and re-cut into fine particles which are blown down into the base of the turf re-cycling valuable nutrients by returning them to the soil. Regular cutting with a Multiclip mower really does make the clippings visually disappear - you literally cannot tell they have not been collected.

Highly affordable, these new machines from GGP make front-cut mowing an option for everyone.

For further information contact Lance Bassett Associates Limited, PR & Marketing. Tel/Fax 01865 820731 Email lancebassett@hotmail.com - Don't forget to tell them you saw their article on Pitchcare.

New elemental suppliment reduces PH levels

High pH levels can now be reduced by a new elemental supplement from Vitax.

Sulphur 95 is a micronised prill, which is ultimately converted to sulphuric acid by microorganisms within the soil. Applied to sand based golf greens (or any other turf areas with a high pH substrate) the product ensures a steady supply of plant proteins throughout the season in a form that can be readily absorbed by the sward.

"As sulphur deficiency reduces the plant's ability to utilise applied nitrogen, Sulphur 95, could almost be likened to an indigestion tablet," says Clive Williams, sales and amenity manager for Vitax. "The plant functions more efficiently and fewer nutrients are wasted."

"Bringing down pH levels discourages Poa Annua, unlocks nutrients such as Copper, Iron, Manganese and Zinc promoting the health of the finer grasses, and makes the soil less attractive to worms," he continues. "By combating Sulphur deficiency and reducing pH levels at the same time, this new product has twin benefits."

For further information on Vitax's Sulphur 95, contact the company on Tel: 01530 510060 or visit their website at www.vitax.co.uk

Changing climate prompts new information guides

Our rapidly changing climate has prompted Headland Amenity to launch two new product and information guides specifically aimed at this autumn.

Available at Saltex for the first time, "Autumn Fertilisers" and "Spray Adjuvants" cover the increasingly wide area of approach to turf care needed to adjust to changes in temperature and rainfall.

"Milder and wetter autumns encourage disease," says Headland's sales and marketing director Andy Russell, "and certain adjuvants can be an invaluable tool when used in conjunction with fungicides, ensuring that the product is effective, and unaffected by rainfall. With inconsistent temperatures, sometimes bearing little relation to the season and often varying dramatically from region to region, our fertiliser programmes need to be designed for the utmost flexibility. This gives turf managers the ability to adapt nutrient levels in the face of changing weather conditions,"

Anyone wanting free copies of the guides should contact Headland Amenity on Tel: 01223 597834, and mention you saw their article on Pitchcare.

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