0 Same Deutz-Fahr UK introduces Stop-Go

Same Deutz-Fahr UK introduces Stop-Go

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Same Deutz-Fahr's new Stop-Go system has been designed to allow easier and more precise tractor control for a wide range of operations, says the company.

Tasks such as loader work, vegetable planting, potato harvesting and even round baling could all benefit from its use.

Stop-Go, which is now available as an option on Dorado, Lamborghini R2 and Hurliman XA tractors, uses an electronic management system which allows the brake pedal to be used to provide precise speed control. It becomes, in effect, an inching pedal with speed control.

The system is activated by a button on the dashboard and, its operation is relatively simple, although most drivers say a few hours familiarisation is required to fully exploit its potential.

Stop-Go works like this: The driver selects his choice of gear ratio - on the Dorado there is no need to declutch, there is a button on the gear stick to do this - and then the shuttle lever is put in, say forward position.
The tractor then moves off conventionally but should it be required to slow down or stop the driver merely presses the brake pedal progressively and the tractor slows accordingly. A creep speed can be maintained or, should it be required, the tractor can be brought to a halt.

Releasing the brake pedal allows the tractor to gradually return to normal speed, once more.

The advantages of the system are obvious - it allows the tractor when loading a trailer, for example, to be inched forwards - or backwards - so that the loader arms are correctly positioned. Where precise speed control is needed for operations such as vegetable harvesting, speed can be adjusted without affecting engine or pto speed.

The Stop-Go system puts about another £2800 onto the list price of the tractor.

For further information please contact:

Graham Barnwell
Product Manager
Same Deutz-Fahr,
Warks CV23 8TD
Tel: 01788 892113
Email: graham.barnwell@sdf.co.uk

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