0 Scotts launches new longer lasting fertilizers for Landscaping

Scotts launches new longer lasting fertilizers for Landscaping
Scotts has unveiled a new range of longer lasting fertilizers specifically formulated to meet the needs of professional landscapers all season long.

The patented products give grass, flowers, trees and shrubs exactly the nutrients they need throughout the season, and in all conditions. Because the new fertilizers have a controlled release coating, the nutrient supply is guaranteed for a longer period of time, resulting in balanced growth and even colour. Many of the products provide all the annual nutrients required in just one application.

Scotts unique controlled release coating technology only allows enough nutrient to enter the soil and rootzone for efficient, healthy grass plant growth without the risk of nutrient leaching or flushes of growth.

In addition, compared with traditional fertilizers, grass treated with the new product grows more slowly, which means it needs to be mown less frequently.

The six products in the landscaping range comprise: Full Season, for lawns (27+5+5+2MgO); Starter, for newly sown lawns or turf (18+24+5); All-round, for fine turf (23+5+10+2MgO); Moss Control, for moss-free lawns (6+5+10+Fe); Pre-Winter, which keeps lawns healthy in the Winter months (14+5+21+2MgO); and Osmocote Flora, for flowers, trees and shrubs (15+9+11+3MgO).

Because all the fertilizers have a balanced NPK analyses they require a relatively low dosage per sq/m., which can mean a significant saving for landscapers.

The new fertilizers are odourless, dust-free, environmentally-friendly and come in handy packaging. They can be used individually, or in conjunction with other Scotts fertilizers as part of a maintenance programme.

Photo: Scotts new longer lasting fertilizers for landscaping keep flowers, trees and shrubs in peak condition all season long.

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