0 Scotts Professional launched a new liquid iron at IOG SALTEX 2008.

Effect Iron Treated on right side of Fairway.JPGScotts Professional launched a new liquid iron at IOG SALTEX 2008.

Effect Iron FE, the latest addition to the widely-used Greenmaster Liquids range, is suitable for use in golf, sports and lawn care.

Carefully developed over three years of testing, the unique blend of complexed and chelated irons works rapidly providing genuine, plant-derived green-up within three hours.

It also hardens and protects each blade of grass from within the plant without promoting excessive growth.

Effect Iron can be used all year round and lasts up to six weeks between applications. Once applied, it prevents blackening from wheels or footprints which other inferior iron-based fertilizers can cause and also treats iron chlorosis, avoiding unsightly yellowing of the leaves which can occur in poorer conditions.

Like all products in the Greenmaster Liquids range, Effect Iron FE contains Tmax, a cutting-edge agent that enhances nutrient-uptake by the plant, both through the roots and the leaves.

Effect Iron FE is available in 10 litre bottles from Scotts distributors from 1st October 2008.

For more information, call 0871 220 5353, email prof.sales@scotts.com or visit www.scottsprofessional.co.uk

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