0 Second Wiedenmann Terra Spike for Shorts Group, Berkshire

Wiedenmann Terra Spike XD for Shorts Services, Berkshire.jpgBerkshire contractors, Shorts Group, based in Ascot, has added a second Wiedenmann Terra Spike deep fast aerator to its equipment list in readiness for the upcoming polo season and other local sporting events. They have taken delivery of a XD8 with a 2.1m working width.

Agriculture Manager, James Winfield, who looks after both the Agriculture and Amenity side of the business for family-owned Shorts Group says his new Wiedenmann Terra Spike XD couldn't have arrived at a better time. "We're leading up to the start of the season and there's a lot on. Having the second Terra Spike allows us to get through a greater volume of work not just for our polo clients but also for the likes of golf and rugby clubs. It will help us provide the quality service our customers demand in a more timely way."

"We've owned a Wiedenmann Terra Spike XP for just over two years now and it gets through the bulk of duties particularly during spring and autumn. Our golf clients have responded very favourably to the way the XP works their courses. The new XD is ideal for polo fields with its high area coverage. The machines complement each other well and can back each other up. Two Terra Spikes will mean that we can take on more work and boost productivity. From a business point of view we can complete jobs more quickly without compromising quality."

Over the years, Shorts Group has developed a niche for polo-related contracts. While these account for a large element of Shorts' regular turnover, Shorts has been careful to operate with a variety of other key clients, literally in other fields. "Farming and agricultural work were in the doldrums for many years and not the easiest of sectors, so we have had reasons to diversify," expands James Winfield.

"We've earned our long standing reputation for doing jobs properly from the outset and not cutting corners. We believe that if we do the job properly our customers will come back. Our focus is always on customer service and what the customer wants."

"And that's one of the reasons we've continued to go with Wiedenmann as their philosophy is much the same as ours - they offer quality machines with first class service and back up."

Caption: James Winfield, Agriculture Manager for Berkshire contractors Shorts Group, With colleagues, Brett Williams and Andy Spires , takes delivery of a second Wiedenmann Terra Spike, this time an XD8 with 2.1m working width.


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