0 SGL TurfPod makes grass monitoring accessible to everyone

Data driven decisions usually result in a higher grass quality and more efficient use of resources. Yet, many clubs do not have the budget to make big investments in monitoring equipment. Over the past years SGL have been working towards a solution to make monitoring technology accessible to everyone. They now launch an all-in-one tool that is affordable and user friendly to lower leagues, and at the same time offers advanced possibilities to the highest levels of sport: the SGL TurfPod.

The TurfPod is a small device containing six sensors that track the essential growing conditions above ground and in the soil. When pinned into the soil, the TurfPod operates automatically and shows the microclimate data in real time on the SGL Portal. This information can be used to, among other things, make decisions on fertilization, irrigation and supplemental lighting.

The TurfPod is developed in line with SGL founder Nico van Vuuren's strong belief that data is a basic necessity for every groundsman and greenkeeper: "Every playing surface is different, every climate is different, and every budget is different. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to managing grass. Every turf manager, in all levels of sport, should be able to respond to the ever changing conditions and make well informed decisions during their daily work and the challenges they face. The only way to do that is with data, so our goal is to make that possible."

Flexibility has been the key in reaching accessibility. SGL let go of substantial one time investments and supply the TurfPod as a flexible lease, starting at €49 a month, hardware and software included. Customers can upgrade the software whenever they please, with a wide range of TurfModules, such as data analyses and visualisations. Van Vuuren: "We understand that groundsmen and greenkeepers need flexibility. Therefore we enable them to configure their SGL Portal with the information that is relevant to them. This modular approach enables, for example, very detailed reporting on a stadium pitch, but only the essential information for the training pitches. Or the possibility to add a Disease Forecast to their SGL Portal during high pressure months and turn it off for the rest of the year."

The TurfPod is a completely customizable monitoring tool, fit to every budget, sport and situation. When there's no one-size-fits-all approach, SGL proves to be a tailor.

More information on: www.sglsystem.com/turfpod

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