0 Shelton Supertrencher & new thinking on sportsturf trenching machines.

Supertrencher++ 019.jpgThe Shelton business launched the first Supertrencher in 1983; it was the generic name we gave to our wheeled trenchers designed primarily for sportsturf drainage.

Our new, advanced Supertrencher + bristles with new features. It is the result of comments from thousands of users over the past 25 years; it really is a major step forward.

The Supertrencher + range are all tractor mounted on the 3-point linkage and PTO powered. They have two gearboxes enabling the digging wheel to be driven at speed for dry hard conditions, or more slowly for work in soils with high moisture content. The digging wheel is centrally positioned; i.e. in line with the centre of the tractor. Twin hydraulic cylinders, working in tandem, control the digging depth. The excavated soil is thrown into a large aperture at the front of the machine, and then elevated via two conveyors into a trailer or dumper running alongside.

Another unique feature is the mounting of the newly designed conveyor which is hinged in such a manner it can be turned through 900 to lay alongside the body of the machine for transport purposes. Moving the conveyor in this way opens up a massive inspection port should the need arise to look inside the housing. In the working position the tractor driver can adjust the working height of the conveyor hydraulically.

Supertrencher++ 005.jpgAt the rear of the new trencher an inspection port allows easy access to the tungsten carbide cutters enabling them to be changed by the operator in the standing position! Furthermore, we have simplified the attachment of the cutters substantially reducing the time to change them.

We are continuing with the widespread use of stainless steel in the manufacture of the new machines for weight for weight it is stronger than mild steel, it enhances soil flow, and it does not rust. We have used many other speciality steels in the machines with the aim of ensuring a long, trouble free life.

The first 625 models - digging to a maximum depth of 625mm - are now becoming available. They require a tractor of 100+ horse power with creep gears and front weights. The 625 machines weigh approximately 1800Kgs

A bigger machine, digging to a depth in excess of 700mm will be in production in early 2010.

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Website: www.sheltonsdrainage.com

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