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Sheltons1The excessively wet weather has led to major problems on many golf courses. Head for Shelton Sportsturf Drainage Solutions on stand B11 if you want to get answers to how your drainage can be improved. Is it best to buy new drainage equipment or pre-used? Would it be better to hire in machinery, perhaps with a skilled operator? Or should you engage a specialist sportsturf drainage contractor?

Shelton's staff will be able to guide you on these matters. On the stand they will be showing techniques and machinery that will give rapid results with minimal disturbance such that 'drain today, play tomorrow' becomes a reality.

Shelton SDS is a global business, based in Baumber, near Horncastle in Lincolnshire, with over 100 years of drainage experience in the team! Shelton's machines are sold all over the world and the overseas business is growing fast in over 20 different countries.

Shelton design and manufacture very specialist machinery which is engineered in Lincolnshire, with sportsturf in mind, so unlike some more traditional drainage methods, it will leave minimal impact on grass and get it back in play a mere 24 hours after the work has been completed!

They work to an extensive research and development program; carrying out contracting work themselves means that they know firsthand what works and what doesn't and how they can improve their products. They appreciate customer feedback and use it to ensure that with a Shelton's machine you will always get outstanding, in fact world leading performance.

For more information contact www.sheltonsdrainage.com or Annabel Gilbert at Impact Marketing on 01673 818017 annabel@impactmarketinguk.com

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