0 Shipley Beckfoot Golf Club reports successful results from regular applications of Qualibra

Nigel B Graham has been the Head Greenkeeper at Shipley Beckfoot Golf Club since taking over from ex BIGGA Chairman Pat Murphy in 2005

Shipley GC Matt Waddington, Nigel Graham, Phil DickersonPrior to this, Nigel worked at Moor Allerton Golf Club in Leeds for 18 months. After being underwhelmed by the cost effectiveness of his previous wetting agent, he turned to Qualibra to help boost the water retention of his soils.

He started applying Qualibra to his course in April, in conjunction with liquid seaweeds, alongside Primo Maxx growth regulator, mixed with his liquid fertiliser programme. This was followed by monthly applications through to October. This was subsequent to the recommendations of Amenity Land Solutions Technical Sales Manager Gary Potter. Gary set out to ensure the best use of all products in a bid to obtain the mutual provided benefits of improved root development and increased drought tolerance, leading to good sward density, colour and healthy vigour.

Commenting on the effects of Qualibra, Nigel believes it to be the best wetting agent on the market, "I have tried the rest, now I'm using the best!" Nigel is using Qualibra on all his tees as well as his greens, and has been since Syngenta launched this product a few years ago. He would recommend his current programme, saying, "This programme is working well for me and Shipley GC."

Qualibra's technology works by effectively retaining moisture at increasing depths in the soil profile, which reduces leaching thus leading to improved nutrient uptake within the plant. The retained soil moisture reduces the need for irrigation by preventing dry patch, which ensures stable plant health and truer, firmer, more consistent playing surfaces. The benefits of Qualibra are further bolstered when it is used in conjunction with Primo Maxx growth regulator, which works by targeting plant metabolic systems to inhibit vertical growth. This in turn diverts the plant growth downward into the root system, which better equips turf to withstand temperature extremes and moisture loss.

When used in conjunction with liquid feeds and seaweeds, Qualibra and Primo Maxx help to provide an integrated solution to summer greens management.

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